Daniel (13 Jan 2011)

Hey doves I'm a 15 year old guy excitingly eating for the Lord's soon return to take us all home.
Here are dreams from last year that I received from the Lord:

In this dream I saw people everywhere, all-around me being caught up into the clouds, being raptured up into Heaven. People that were left behind were looking up, gazing up at them as they departed from earth and once they left all hell broke loose on earth. People were running around frantically looking for their loved ones- trying to figure out what to do, where to go. People began crying, screaming, yelling terrifyingly out of frustration wondering what had just happened. People shouted to the sky, "Take me with you!" The people left behind just went ballistic. As this chaotic scene unfolded in this dream a small sized TV fell from the sky and the TV then turned on showing a man, who is the Antichrist speaking to the people and trying to calm them down. His voice was cunning- a smooth talker I should say (just like the Bible states) and he was telling everyone how we must accept this New World Order (Rev.13) and that it will be better for all of us and that we shouldn't fear this New World Order. As the dream slowly came to an end I still heard those cries of terror and horror of those left behind, saw people going out of control. They were running, but there was nowhere to find them. They were shouting, screaming, but there dreadful cries didn't matter anymore.

Well as all of you may know, countless number of people have been talking about these FEMA camps and what is there purpose here. There purpose here is to exterminate the Jews, the Christians & all NWO resisters and all who refuse to accept the mark of the beast and worship his image (Rev.13). These camps are to be operated in the Great Tribulation which is the last 3.5 years of the Tribulation, which lasts 7 years. Revelation chapter 13 clearly states information regarding the New World Order.
Well, on to the dream:

I was in a beautiful, glorious, exquisite ballroom and everyone was parting, chatting, laughing, just having a good time. Then, all of a sudden, these military police officers (the one world military police state) come barging with through the doors of the ballroom and all hell breaks loose. These military police officers showed no mercy. People were running, screaming, crying, fleeing from these officers as far as possible. These military officers were brutally hitting these people with their nightsticks, they were brutally grabbing these people and taking them to their pick up cargo trucks, which then takes them to their final destination: the concentration camps. For some reason, I felt like the military officers were coming after me and I felt like my heart was gonna explode as I tried to run hide from these military officers. One person that really stood out to me was this girl that was running from these officers and then she was captured. One officer came to her side and then another officer came to her other side both holding her from her arms like a rag doll. They were yelling at her right in her face, shaking her, treating her like a rag doll. The pain, the cries that I witnessed from this women was beyond heart-breaking. I literally saw the terror in her eyes. She was crying so frantically... it was terrible. As the scene continued, the dream transported from inside to outside of the ballroom and I saw a numerous amount of people being forced into these cargo trucks which will take them to the concentration camps and the trucks drove off. Then the dream ended. I woke up terrified & freaked out for it was the scariest dream I ever had in my entire life.