Dana Babka (28 Jan 2011)
"End time signs"

    Hi Doves, due to personal reasons I was unable to Post the things that took place on the 25th of December relating to my posting on the 24th.    I felt that something very significant was going to take place and hoping it was the Rapture.   It turned out to be end time signs, with the East Coast Storm that lasted two days.   Airports closed for two days with Blizzard conditions and places with 30 inches of snow, southern states that had snow never recorded on Christmas day.     There was a snow storm in France and Spain causing chaos and a Icy Rain Storm that shut down an Airport in Moscow.     There was also a 7.3 earthquake under the ocean near New Caledonia Island which is also known as the Island closest to Heaven which also triggered a small Tsunami.    The Lord has also confirmed to me in prayer that the Birds,Fish,Cows, etc.  dying around the world are end time signs.                                          I was also given a Vision that I do not understand yet, but feel that I should post it and may be get some feed back.  I first saw a American flag that had a ( x ) through it, I saw three Missiles,  I saw a roller deck of cards with 4 Men coming up from it, then a long bar with many canes hanging from it and 4 of the canes popping up.    My thoughts are that it could be something to do with the failing economies around the world,  The New World Order, or maybe something to do with the Countries no longer supporting Israel.    I know that I am missing something because the Lord is not confirming any of these thoughts. It could be just something small that needs to be added.                                                                Please respond if you feel the Lord is leading you to do so, because sometimes I will hear words spoken or read words and the Lord will confirm different things to me .                                                    Keep witnessing to the Lost and to those who are not putting our Lord first in there lives, preparing them for the soon catching away .                                                                                                            Praising and watching for his soon return,  Dana.