Corey Anne (25 Jan 2011)
"dead people and a plane"

Dearest Doves,
There was a time when our Heavenly Father revealed things to me, but they were not pleasant.  And I began to complain.  And they stopped - just like that.  He was revealing tragedies that I would later (between two to three days later) see on the news.  I struggled with why He would reveal something to me that I could not do anything about.  But perhaps He was proving his communication with me.... I don't know.  But I have missed hearing from him, and I think it happened again finally last night..  So here goes - just in case - my dream:
I was in a cold room with steel tables.  There were a lot of dead people lying on the tables - mostly men for some reason.  I don't remember if they were clothed; I just remember their eyes were open and swollen for some reason, almost like they had drowned.  I do know I didn't know any of them.  The next thing I remember was seeing a commuter plane flying overhead.  I somehow knew something was about to happen, and I saw it flying lower and lower over the trees until it crashed on a suburbian 4 lane road.  I was trying and trying to get to the plane to help someone (or perhaps there was something I was supposed to see), but the army was already there and prevented me from crossing their barracade.
I don't know what will come of this dream, but I thought I would share.
Shalom Doves,
Corey Anne