Coach Mo (24 Jan 2011)


There seems to be a number of folks posting on this site who plan on going through the tribulation. I do not believe that the Church has anything to do with the last week of Daniels 70th week. To believe that this time would be for the Church is to rob the saints of any blessed hope.

It (the 70th week) is intended for Israel. When the clear sense of the scriptures makes clear sense, it ought not to be reworked in order to make it mean something else. I said that to say this; if folks want to go through the tribulation, let them go. As for me, I do not plan on going through any part of the tribulation.

I have been studying this subject for 34 years. I have tried and tested all of the arguments. It is a little like trying to pick up a drop of mercury with your fingers or trying to put toothpaste back in the tube when you debate those who plan on going through the tribulation.

I have friends who are pre-trib. I have friends who are mid-trib. I have had friends who are pan-trib. (everything will just PAN out). We stay friends by not arguing.

If you are a pre-trib person as I am, I say, keep on looking for that blessed hope and glorious appearing. If you are planning on going through all or part of the tribulation; good luck with that, I hope it is everything you are expecting it to be.

Remember the toothpaste? Someone is going to write something about the Blessed hope being Jesus at his coming. Then I write; coming as far as the clouds where the Bible says we will ever be with him. Then they write something else and ‘whoops’, I’m back there debating folks who want to go through the tribulation and want to take me with them.