Clay Cantrell (15 Jan 2011)
"Tina and the A-bomb posts etc"

Readers -

Tina's post found here:

brings up certain things in regard to my posts.

After my experience with the Lord in December 1997, He gave me a very simple directive:

"Post all you know."

When I have material I think the Lord showed me, and I can get it in some coherent form, I post it.

Since I post in spurts, it may seem like my info is esoteric and out of left field, maybe even random. To me though, it is cumulative, because the experience is cumulative that I've had with Jesus. I freely admit I have been wrong about many things over the years, but hopefully the Lord's real purposes were established which were to make known the connectivity between Bible numbers of all types (Strong's, gematria, scripture Ref #s), elements of nature, historical events, and the coherence of God's Word etc. I also freely admit I am not a 'math person', nor can I say I even fully understand or explain everything I posted. A lot of the material is about patterns, not numbers - some of it's complex, to me anyway.  I have folders stuffed full of papers I cannot decipher, don't remember working on and don't understand. Hopefully in heaven I will remember.

For years I addressed my posts to:

Interested Readers -

realizing that most readers simply don't want to or don't have time to read numbers posts. They are written to people who keep folders of printouts and who read over them for years. Hopefully the material builds on itself over time, glorifying God and declaring the Son.

How readers interpret the material, or maybe even apply it to their own Bible study or personal life is between them and the Lord God Jehovah. They should be warned to judge all things against Scripture as they read it, and not to go out and build a church on it.

I specifically posted about the A-bombs year 1945 as the accumulation of nuclear weaponry is all the rage in the Middle East and we are sitting on the edge of a great precipice - namely Isaiah 17:1, which I consider a nuclear event.

Also, in the vision of the Destroyed Western City found at this link:

.... I'm positive I was looking at the aftermath of a nuclear event. Not an earthquake.