Cindy (21 Jan 2011)
"Thanks for your assistance in posting my dove letters"

The Eagle Still Soars

This dove letter is a huge thanks of love to Horse Girl (your info splendidly surprised me), KML, Leslie Fain, Rowina, Tina Adams, and Patty Hayes.  America has a lot of history.  I think we should always remember how united we were and still are, despite who we are, where we came from, and the harsh things that have happened in the past.   America was called Turtle Island back then, my grandfather would tell me who wouldn't want to settle here.  It was truly a beautiful country full of land!   Arizona and New Mexico used to be full of water, and naturally over time it dried up and eroded.  But still, we are blessed with the beauty of it, and with the history of who settled there.  Even though we presently see drastic changes with technology and greed, we shouldn't forget about America's great history. Some people educate themselves about the Native Americans.  Not all of them were devilish, nor their music and dance.  Not all of the music and dance of those times were meant be to "devilish".  Historically when it comes to rock n roll, the blues, and others, America has expressed quite a bit.  If hear a Led Zeppelin song, and don't like it, just turn it off :)