Chris K (31 Jan 2011)
"prophetic poem of love"

John and all the Doves,
  I had written this a few days ago to a woman that I have loved for over twenty years, we had parted ways back then and more recently had been communicating by emails about our feelings for one another that never seems to have diminished. I haven't written much poetry since I was a teenager, so when this literally pours out of me(in a matter of minutes), I was quite surprised and in awe of something I knew God had given.
  It wasn't until I showed it to a mutual friend and believer that pointed out to me that it was a prophetic profession of love from our Lord to His bride(in a certain sense), that I began to look at the wording a little differently.
  I think my friend is correct. I'm no prophet, nor the son pf a prophet, However, I do maintain the TESTIMONY of CHRIST at all times and therefore....
   I promise you my beloved brothers and sisters, this came out of me just like poring out a glass of water. No thought or hesitation.
You be the judge!

Oh my oh my,

this feeling may never die. I will to be, I will too fly , directly to my apples eye!

The apple of my youthful day. in which I found the flowers of May.

within my heart a blooming spring, of joyous floral summers bring,

Tis summers hour that finds a love, and lites upon this glory's dove

this dove that flies to spell and draw, from wells of deep emotions awe!

The deepest well from waters take and find her there a model make

her model is of perfect pure, her hope and dream forever more

forevermore is where I am and there I stay and seek her hand

and take her hand and led away from fault and frail of yesterday
the frail heart that I do hold, made strong amidst the battle bold

made strong by this her perfect hand a marriage without golden band

a marriage made in God's own heart, this perfect word in love my art!

I don't understand every word of it, but, the more I peer into these words, the greater a sensation of mystery and Godly beauty I see.. I promise you I'm no poet or prophet and am dumbfounded by all the gifts the Lord has given me in my life....this though, is something most precious, and different and not just for me!

                                                                        your brother, Chris