Chris K (15 Jan 2011)
"the birth and death of King David"

John and all the Doves,
  A story I came across several years ago that comes from the Jewish oral tradition that I wanted to use to tie into the dates associated with David' birth and death...its a beautiful story and one that is a shadow of our Lord's life, I believe.

  David's father, Yishai(Jesse), was the grandson of Boaz and Ruth. After several years of marriage and after having raised virtuous children, Yishai began to entertain  personal doubts about his ancestry.

His grandmother Ruth was a convert from the nation of Moav. The Torah specifically forbids a Moabite convert. Boaz and the sages understood this law as forbidding the conversion of male Moabites, while exempting the female converts. Ruth gave birth to Oved, the father of Yishai.Later in his life, doubt gripped at Yishai on whether Boaz's decision was correct. If Yishai's status was questionable, he could not remain married to his wife, a veritable Israelite. Disregarding the personal sacrifice, Yishai separated from her.
After a number of years, Yishai longed for an offspring whose ancestry would be unquestionable. His plan involved his Canaanite maidservant.
He said to her, "Prepare for tonight. I will be freeing you, conditionally. If my status as a Jew is legitimate, you are freed as a Jewish convert to marry me. If my status is blemished, I am not giving you your freedom, but as a Canaanite maidservant, you may marry a Moabite convert."
Aware of the anguish of her mistress in being separated from her husband, the maidservant informed Nitzevet of Yishai's plan and suggested a counter plan. "Switch places with me tonight."
Nitzevet conceived that night.
Incensed, her sons wished to kill her and her illegitimate fetus. Nitzevet chose a vow of silence, refusing to embarrass her husband by revealing his plan.
Unaware of his wife's behavior, but having compassion on her, Yishai ordered his sons not to kill her. "Instead, let the child that will be born be treated as a hated servant. Everyone will realize that he is a mamzer."
From the moment of his birth Nitzevet's son was treated by his brothers, as an abominable outcast. The rest of the nation, too, assumed that this youth was a treacherous sinner.
 King David's Corronation The prophet, Shmuel arrives in Beit Lechem to anoint the new king of Israel. As he lays his eyes on Yishai's eldest son, tall and distinguished Eliav, he is sure that this is the future king, until G-d reprimands him not to look at outside qualities.
No longer did Shmuel make any assumptions. All the seven sons of Yishai passed before Shmuel. None had been chosen.
"Are these all the lads?" Shmuel asked.
Yishai answered, "A small one is left."
Shmuel ordered that David be summoned. Out of respect, David first went home to change his clothes.
Nitzevet inquired, "Why did you come home?"
David explained. Nitzevet answered, "If so, I, too, am accompanying you."
When David arrived, Shmuel doubted whether he was worthy of the kingship.
However, G-d commanded, "My anointed one is standing and you remain seated? Anoint David!"
Tearful weeping could be heard from outside - the voice of Nitzevet, David's lone supporter and solitary source of comfort. The 28 long years of silence in the face of humiliation were finally coming to a close. At last, all would see that the lineage of her youngest son was pure.
Within moments, the once reviled shepherd boy became anointed as the future king of Israel.

   Doves, I reiterate this story here because of some teachings I had studied once relating to the oral tradition that states that David was born and died on the same day of the year, namely, Shavuot. And, how this is significant to the Church since she too was born on Shavuot and it may likely be the day of her departure. I'm not certain where exactly I had read this(so I could give proper credit to the author), perhaps Grant Jeffreys or Marilyn Agee, I can't be sure(its been over 12 years ago since I digested this info).
  Nonetheless, I have held this one close to my heart for many reasons. In terms of the way God works in patterns and types it holds much promise for our appointed time...first of all its the first of the three harvests(barley, wheat and not to mention the olive harvest since it comes after the Holy Days and probably symbolizes the wrath since the olives are destroyed in order to extract the oil ) and Christ is the first-fruits(and we in Him).
  I think King David as a type of our King Yeshuah has many symbolic elements to his life. David was considered illegitimate not only by his brothers, but, quite possibly by his own father, as well.. Joseph knew that Jesus was not his son and perhaps Jesus' half-siblings were aware of it too. The vindication for Jesus' identity did not come until he began His ministry and David when he was anointed king by Samuel at 28 years of age(not the little sheep herder we think of).
  The list of parallels could go on ad-infinitum and most of us know the story of David, the beloved of God. I simply wanted to share another piece of the puzzle that had occurred to me today. This date should be clear when so many of us are really just guessing. The Feasts, they are the key!
                                                                                         your brother Chris