Charles D Landis (12 Jan 2011)
"What does this all mean?"

Here are some interesting things to think about:

        The name “Gabrielle” means “heroine of God”

        The name “Jared” means “decend, decendant”

        The name “Tucson” means “Black Base”

        In the Bible, “Jared” is the grandfather of Methuselah.  “Jared” may also be taken as a variant of “Yered”, one of the name of “Moses”

        Rabbi Nissan Mindel says, “Moshe’s family named him six (6) names: Yered, Chaver, Yekutiel, Avigdor, Avi-Socho, and Avi-Zonoach”.  See:,2463170/What-were-Moses-other-names.html.

What does all this mean?  I don’t know.  What do you all think?