Carolyn G (17 Jan 2011)
"To Suzi and Carol G. re: TV show "V""

Hi Suzi and Carol,
Thank you for your good advice in combating the demonic powers.
I will look into getting the book The Alien Interviews by L. A. Marzulli.  That sounds like a book very pertinent for us in today's world.
Yes, I believe I am very sensitive when it comes to the spirit world.  Several years ago I started going to a charismatic church where they had such great praise and worship music, but the problem was that the preacher would twist the Scriptures.  I would leave the service so upset because the Word of God was compromised to mean something else.  I started praying earnestly for a change to see the true Word of God made known.  I did not realize it at the time, but I got into fighting a demonic stronghold that was there in that church.  Unbelievable things started happening to me.  The demon forces tried to scare me, in that they appeared to be coming after me through various things that I would perceive, sense and also see for real.  People in the church began to treat me badly, actually seeming to hate me.  Anything I happened to say would somehow get to the preacher and it would be said from the platform in a way that I recognized It.  It seemed like he became obsessed with it all.  There's way too much to try to describe and I'm not real good with words.  But the botton line was that demons were sent after me.  They followed me home.  Some nights I felt like a real person was there in spirit but I just couldn't see him.  The more I prayed, every way that I could think of, the worse it got.  It was totally unbelievable.  I would get some relief when I stopped praying about the situation.
At the time one of my daughters was playing her clarinet in the church band, plus 2 daughters were attending the school there at the church.  I couln't just drop everything and leave.  Finally when they graduated from high school there I was able to leave.
But during that time I had two or three of those evil encounters also where I had to shout the name of Jesus and plead the blood of Jesus to get rid of it.  I also found out later that 2 of my 3 daughters had similar encounters several times.  They told me that they were pinned down and tried with all their strength to get out the name of Jesus to be released.  At that time (not knowing what was happening to them) I had gone through the house with the anointing oil pleading the blood of Jesus over the doorways and in and out of every room.  Once I sensed a demon flit by me and go down the stairs and out the door.  There must have been some left however which were harder to get out, even though I did that several times.  The demon powers coming against me were exceptionally strong and almost drove me crazy.  It took years to get over those experiences.
These days the first thing I do every day is pray, putting on the whole armour of God and reading the Bible where ever He leads me.  He reveals so much to me every day.  I have the family pictures including those of the grandkids in my Bible and I pray over them at least a couple of times a week as the Lord leads.  Things are so much better now.  I belong to a group called the Net of Prayer and one of the things we pray is that Christians will have a hedge of protection around them for this coming time of judgment that is coming upon the earth.
Yes, there certainly is a war going on in the unseen world that most people are unaware of.  That show "V" is a warning of what is to come.  That's why I started watching it.  But it is demonic and the one who plays Ana has taken on that personality.  I feel that strongly coming from her.
I do like Chuck Missler and Perry Stone.  Plus there are a few others I watch when I can.  I also visit several christian/prophetic web sites every day.
God bless you,