Carol Garza (7 Jan 2011)
"Re:" V" the TV show"

I watched some of the episodes last season and was curious to see where it would go from there.  Suzi, you wrote: This show is rife with religious/political/spiritual references.   You are soo ever correct.  I picked this up last season the last couple of weeks, I've been trying to figure out how fallen angels (sons of God) married women of men in Genesis 6.  It was more than just the FA changing their looks to men that got women pregnant resulting in the Giants (Nephelim), men of renown roaming the earth.  The show along with some reading material by Godly brethren is starting to help me put the pieces of the puzzle together. 
Over New Year's eve,while watching Fox, a ticker on New Year's eve read:  Keep your head, your arms, your feet inside. 2011 is going to be a doozie.  Or something like that.  I found the forecast interesting to say the least.
Surely Jesus is COMING !  I can hardly wait.  I pray without ceasing pray for all of us...our families, our friends, neighbors, even our pets and the homeless animals, and wildlife.  Can't wait to see all wickedness starting with the prince of darkness be thrown in the lake of fire..(of course Satan doesn't go in until after the thousand year reign I know.)
Carol Garza
Suzi (6 Jan 2011)
"TV show "V""

It was interesting that the TV show "V" had 'red sky', then what appeared to be 'blood rain'...that was sent to 'heal the planet'. But in reality was a device to change people's chemical make up to ready them for 'breeding'....and I think eventually 'harvest'. This show is rife with religious/political/spiritual references. Usually, throwing punches at our government, our crumbling religious institutions and our foolish nature to fall for whatever 'golden calf' comes along.

The 'rain' in this show reminded me of the chemtrails...and the fact that 'they' say they are doing things to help, when really it is harming the world.