Carol Garza (7 Jan 2011)
"To Suzi re: posts"

I was one who responded to your post on the yahoo news regarding Harold Camping's forecast/prediction of May 21.  I simply want to let you know I recognized the post for what it was, an FYI and did not for one sec think you were endorsing what you read. 
I, like most of us here enjoy your reading your posts because you come across as being level headed.  (I don't know if your family thinks you are..;-)  JUST kidding .  We know you are.
Keep on posting...and soon...very soon I pray and believe we'll all hear the SHOUT.  We'll hear the Voice of the Archangel.  We'll hear the TRUMP of GOD and witness the dead in Christ rise first.  Then in the twinkling of an eye, we who are alive and remain will be changed from Glory to GLORY and be caught up with them in the air to meet JESUS, our KING, our REDEEMER, our LORD, our Beloved Bridegroom, our GOD in the Clouds of Glory!  Come Quickly LORD JESUS !!!
Carol Garza
Suzi (6 Jan 2011)
"To Mercer re: May Rapture info"

When I posted the article about the May Rapture and the ramblings of these people and this man, I was not endorsing it, or saying I thought it true. I post info/links just as an FYI as to what is being put out there by all kinds of sources. I mostly posted that, because it was in our local paper, and a 'headline' on yahoo news.

Should we note a disclaimer when we post? I figured most people have the common sense and discernment to read this stuff and make come to their own conclusions.

Mostly, I wanted people to see how 'mainstream' this article was, and how, in the long run, it does damage to the Word, by muddying it with the ramblings of misled people. You think that yahoo and the news source that place it in every small town newspaper didn't do that on purpose?

I think most here know to 'not believe everything you read'...and most post things that show what is out there without condoning or agreeing with it, just posting to inform.