Carol Garza (24 Jan 2011)
"Rehab centers and Ouija boards"

Hi all,
I was reading an update on Rep. Gabriella Giffords progress.  I will post the link at the end of the quote & my comments.  Here is the quote from the link:

How does someone get better in rehab?

"Practice, practice, practice, and I'm not being facetious," said Dr. Paul Schulz, a UTHealth neurologist who works at the hospital.

A patient having trouble speaking — as doctors suspect Giffords might — could be given a Ouija board and asked to form words on it. Or encouraged to sing what they are trying to say to a familiar tune like the ABC's or Happy Birthday while tapping their fingers, said Dr. David Lacey, medical director of rehab services at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

I don't have to plead and beg for you to pray no Ouija board or any occult objects are used at the rehab center Gabby is in and more so that nothing of this sort will be used in her rehabilitation.

I have been reading/studying on the meaning of the scriptures "as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man returns."  It's not simply lawlessness, wickedness and the evil we see with our physical eyes, the prince of darkness, the ruler of this age, this world is feverishly working behind the scenes.

We are warned in the scriptures to beware of lying signs and wonders.  People are already marveling at the lying signs & wonders. Over 80 percent of people polled by Fox news believed prayer is what has saved and helped Gabby thus far.  I believe it.  Yet have we heard her husband and the doctors give any thanks to the LORD GOD for saving her ?  Yes they are grateful for the outpouring of prayers, love and support but why have we not heard them give thanks to GOD ?  They seem to be thanking everybody but HIM imho.

Then when I read that article !!!!  <horror of horrors>  the possibility of using a Ouija board ?  Hopefully they will NOT and hopefully there are no occultic objects in that hospital or rehab center.

Here's the link...thanks for reading my post Doves.

Carol Garza

Updated rehab aims to give Giffords her life back