Cap777 (6 Jan 2011)
"Steve W (5 Jan 2011) Tribulation"


"A look back to the future....A timeline worth considering"

Steve.  Thank you for your summary of the 2 basic Tribulation scenarios which have been discussed this last year or so.  I would agree that each has its strengths and weaknesses from this vantage point of time.  But I have a few basic objections to your conclusion of the 2014/15 timeframe.


1.        The Jewish wedding ceremony as discussed in just the last few days has the Bride being “hidden” for the full 7 days after her departure from her family’s home.  After this 7 day period, the festivities start.  This is consistent with a Pre-Tribulation rapture and being absent for 7 years until the Second Coming.

2.       Mark Blitz’s discovery of the Tetrad phenomenon in 2014/15 is an obvious clue.  However, whether it occurs at the “mid-Tribulation” point or close to the end of the Tribulation is not clear.  Both views could be valid.  It could be a clear sign of the arrival of the last half or “Great Tribulation”.

3.       The Jubilee cycle of 50 years is unclear. But its celebration in 2017/18 (5777-5778) is certainly consistent with events in 1917/18 and 1967.  Its celebration in 2015/16 is not consistent with those dates.  Even the year of the Turks capturing Jerusalem in 1517 has consistency.

4.       Israel became a nation in either late 1947 or Spring 1948.  One generation of 70 years clearly points to 2017/18 timeframe.  Psalm 90.

5.       The Rapture seems to be a Spring event consistent with Song of Solomon 2.

6.       The Great Pyramid “numbers” seem to indicate a start of some sort in 2010 of the “tribulation era” and a 2018 end according to Daniel Matson.  See also “The Language of God in Prophecy” by Helena Lehman (pg. 147).

7.       The prophetic Menorah also discussed by Helena Lehman and J.R. Church clearly shows its consistency with the Psalms 110-118.


For these reasons I personally am persuaded that the “seven years” is yet to start.  The actual date of the Rapture is still conjecture at this point and might very well remain so until the actual event.

May we continue to trust God……