Candice Ehmen (18 Jan 2011)
"Re-Texas Sue"

Its ok .. for the misunderstanding!  I DO NOT worship, or do occultic things.  I believe just like you.  : )  I hate the practice of such things..  and do tell others the same.
I watch in spirit the things above ... taking us to Heaven soon!!  I know even the "Magi's that where looking for the baby Jesus to be born... keep following the consellations showing them the direction to go to find baby Jesus!!
It just so happens that this SHIFTING is the biggest thing in history that has happened.. but worldly wise... it just so happens that it focuses on the
Zodiac factor.. and that gets everyones
attention here on earth that even arent Christians... so Its a pretty excited thing to my spirit. and especially with the 13 th sign... now and its name mean "Serpent Bearer".
God Bless and I thank you for wanted to help others in their walk with Christ,