Bruce Warner (25 Jan 2011)

Hi Coach Mo,

I agree with you, brother. I also do not believe that 'The Church' has any part in the tribulation. It is 'only Israel' that is tribulated because of  their disobedience to God.  The confusion stems from the misunderstanding of 'what part' of the 70th Week of Daniel is actually 'the tribulation', and when it begins.

(Matthew 24:15 & 21) says that 'the tribulation' begins when the abomination, spoken of by the prophet Daniel, is seen standing in the holy place. (Daniel 12:11) says that happens 1,290 days before the end, which means that it happens 1,230 days after the 2,520 day-long 70th Week of Daniel begins. That would be at 'the beginning' of the 42nd month of the 84 month long '70th Week of Daniel'. Month number 42 will be from day number 1,230 thru day number 1,260.

The above Scriptures tell us that 'the tribulation' begins on, or soon after, the 1,230th day of the 70th Week of Daniel, which 'begins' the 42nd month of the 70th Week of Daniel. Scripture does not tell us that 'the tribulation' begins on the first-day of the '70th Week of Daniel' and runs concurrent with the '70th Week'.

YBIC, Bruce Warner