Bob Ware (19 Jan 2011)
"More notes on my last post"

From the first anniversary of Israel’s rebirth (5.14.1949) to 5.11.2018 will be exactly 70 prophetic years (25,200 inclusive days).


The 6104 overlapping Jewish and Gregorian days in this 17 year table from 1996 to 2012 divided by Pi equals 1943. So, a circle with a circumference of 6104 has a diameter of 1943. 2 x 1943 plus 6104 equals 9990 which is the total gematria of both the Hebrew and Greek alphabets. The difference between the perimeter of a square around this circle with a circumference of 6104 (4 x 1943) and the perimeter of the square around the ‘Circle of Time’ (4 x 1440) is 2012.


The inclusive diameter of the ‘Circle of Time’ is 1441. 9.11.2001 was the 1441st inclusive day of the current 19 year Jewish calendar cycle. 1441 x the golden ratio cubed (1.618^3) equals 6104.