BG Ellis (12 Jan 2011)
"Dream about the destruction of Texas and the USA in January!"


John and Doves, I came across this interesting dream that is coming up in January.  The one that dreamed the dream predicted 9/11 several weeks before it happened. Here are the links:


Here is a part of the dream:


Dream concerning this season:

Be encouraged my friends and do not allow discouragement to enter your hearts. Over the past few months, I have been writing letters to many that await the coming of our Lord Jesus. The letters are due to the dreams that have been repeated in my life; each portion of the dream being illuminated with each year.

The dream that concerns me now took place in our present era (I know this from the faces in the White House and Digital devices). Listen;

A Portion of the Dream
In the dream the earth began changing (natural things it seemed), the weather patterns abruptly changed in many locations, in particular, the United States.
There were also fires that began under the earth in the state of Texas following news about animals dying in a strange manner (each may presume a cause only to be baffled by other strange events). An earthquake soon took place following the dying animals and I saw many people looking up during this time, as though they were waiting to see something significant (these people are those waiting for Christ, the other half was waiting for another God to come to earth).

The White House, and those in power, began to fight vigorously in the dream; so much so, the people of the United States began to take matters in their own hands but only by discussion. A headline would appear soon after shocking the world and gratifying others. Texas saw the fallout from something exploding above the earth (possibly a satellite), complemented by fires coming from underneath the State.

That is when the change took place. The population of the United States diminished in number and the people of the United States were directionless. Many fled from where they were living; the highways were full of vehicles loaded with personal goods. The United States was altered in shape with many parts of it burning and other parts consumed by the oceans.

Do not lose hope and understand this; there will be supernatural things happening with no explanation, people may experience loss, but you are protected always. Keep watching and do not become discouraged, not now; this is the time for all to believe in the scriptures of truth.

Be blessed.