BC (8 Jan 2011)
"airport runways, social security #s, and yellow shafted flickers"


Thought that subject line might get your attention!
On Friday, Fox News reported that a Florida airport had shutdown a runway due to the Earth's magnetic shift.  I only heard it broadcast once, so I researched it online and found out it was at Tampa.  According to the internet,  the magnetic North Pole (not geographical) has been migrating annually approximately 40 miles towards Russia.  GPS  systems are dependent on the Earth's magnetic field and today Tampa's coordinates needed readjusting.  I don't know why it was just Tampa.
I don't like to correct people's posts, but when I went to the Social Security card link that someone posted, it said that Social Security numbers would NOT be issued with the beginning digits of 666.  I must admit that the audio was a little hard to hear during that statement.
And now to the Yellow Shafted Flicker-- after searching the internet, I believe this was the type of bird that flew into my picture window a few days ago.  Maybe his navigation was off, or maybe he was trying to battle the red Christmas sign that read "Peace" that was displayed in my window. Anyways, he was a beautiful bird with a red crescent on the back of his head.  I was glad that he was just stunned and flew away after a few seconds of resting on my porch furniture.  Later I wondered if his faulty navigation could have been related to the blackbird deaths that happened around the same time.  bc