BC (5 Jan 2011)
"Thinking about birds, fish and earthquakes"

Recently I was watching an animal planet program about unusual pets such as parrots.  It said that some birds are particularly sensitive to chemicals in the air.  They warned owners not to spray room deodorizers..  When I first heard of the massive bird kill in Arkansas, the first word that entered my mind was "sulfur".  I'm wondering if sulfur can be released before an earthquake, and if very small quantities could kill certain species of animals.
I have also been interested in what has been going on with the CERN atom smasher near Geneva, Switzerland.  Although most scientists say it is safe to do their experiments, a few have warned that "strange quarks, & dark matter" can be produced that would find its way to the earth's center.  We really don't need a "black hole" to form there!  The recent South American quake, that someone reported to the Doves, was SO much deeper than most earthquakes.  Could they be related and are earth's foundations starting to shake?  Then today someone quoted a scripture about "hell opening up its/her mouth".
Come quickly Lord Jesus, with You as our protector, what do we have to fear?  bc