Barry Amundsen (29 Jan 2011)
"Jim Bramlett's stories of sharing Jesus while shopping and David Robinson's Usefulness of Salt"
Your post about your experiences sharing your faith with others while shopping is a beautiful testimony of what this other post was I think highlighting when talking about the preserving nature of salt in the earth. The link takes you to a farmers magazine that speaks of the actual usefulness of salt in even a dunghill because of the way that salt changes the reaction of certain properties for the better to produce good soil. It even quotes Jesus where He spoke of salt that loses its savor being unfit for the dunghill etc. They explain what that is all about.
Well I just loved the connection between that and your stories because you have demonstrated what being salt is all about. It's being ready always to give an answer for the hope that is in you and having a faith that produces living waters flowing from your innermost being unto a thirsty world that desperately needs God's loving visitation; preserving what is good and allowing the good soil to grow good fruit. It's being "prayed up" and joyfully going wherever the Spirit leads with expectation to be used how He sees fit.
May God grant us all more of this in our daily lives!