Barry Amundsen (27 Jan 2011)
"My apologies to Vonda and Joseph"

Dear Vonda and Joseph and Doves,
Thank you for your responses and I do want to apologize. I actually regretted, after sending it, the way I ended my post with a condescending remark and even thought about revising it and resending it to John asking if he could post the revised one instead of the first one with that ending.. It bothered me and I should have done it but I thought it would only make more trouble for John so I decided against it.
I am so sorry Vonda and Joseph and Doves. I wish I would learn to be more sensitive and think about what I say and how it will feel to others. I guess it has to do with the years that I have been waiting for the rapture and each year I grab hold of the dates as they are suggested and count the hours to those dates only to watch them time and time again roll by and leave me again disappointed. I would never have believed that we would still be here in 2011 if you asked me back years ago. When Kevin Drake and his "God's Timeline" site was coming up all the time back a few years ago, I admit I wanted it to be wrong because his selected date was just too far off for me. But now we have arrived at last at his date. Well, I was just looking for any additional reason for this to be the year, including something as flimsy as 11s in the year dates. So for someone to pop the bubble offhanded as though such a silly thing as that is nothing to get excited about, it just caught me as a jab at my hope.
I'm so tired. Maybe the 11 thing is nothing after all and if we are still here after the next couple days, then even Kevin's dates may be wrong too.