Barry Amundsen (24 Jan 2011)
"Frank, I agree to be careful of sites like "Tribulation Now""

I too shared your concerns about the statements in that site "Tribulation Now" but of course the guy had not yet posted those things until after or even the next day after I had posted a link to it for a different reason.. That was why I had to post a "disclaimer" the next day and suggest the reader be careful and know that there may be confusion there so use discernment.
I get frustrated by the way this happens. Something starts out looking safe and you pass it on only to have it turn out to be more than first it seemed.
Well, it's a big Internet so use caution and see that ye be not deceived...
The whole subject of life on other planets or what the nature of angels is, is just not that Important to me because all that will be answered when we get there. I think this guy's position is that he feels he is appointed to help shed light on the truth as he sees it for the time when the "disclosure" happens and the aliens begin claiming that they created us. And he speculates that maybe in a stretching of the truth way, maybe they had a hand in it as God's angels but they take it too far when they seek to be worshipped as gods in place of the true God or something like that. Well, I stay out of all that and am not interested because I don't find that to be a big subject of the Bible. He seems to think that it is all there if you study the core meanings of original texts and all that. Bottom line is I don't plan on being here for the disclosure and if I do end up fighting for the truth it will hopefully be from the back of a white horse with a rod of iron of some kind hopefully and in an immortal body too!
My thing is to be sensitive to what an other's assignment may be and not tread on his point but I cannot necessarily endorse it because I don't know and have not studied that. So I do wish to make it clear that I was never supporting that portion of his site because it was not yet posted when I first linked to there for a different article.