Barry Amundsen (14 Jan 2011)
"all seeing eye link again because it dropped down a page overnight"
If anyone looked yesterday for the all seeing eye info on the site I linked to and didn't find it, that was because the writer had written more and it dropped off the bottom and is now the first article in a new page to which I have included a link above. (There was a small link at the bottom that leads to the next page that said "older posts".)
The second link is to Pastor Michael Hoggard's video on the same subject which was posted before by Mercer. They compliment each other well and the one adds things the other did not such as how Star Trek and the Borg fit in.
The new info at the beginning of this first person's site is a whole new subject to me and I sure didn't mean to direct anyone to something that may be strange and confusing. If however it is edifying then all the better.
Praise God!