Amanda (5 Jan 2011)
"To: Vicki regarding the #5 -SPRING RAPTURE 2011"


I saw your question regarding the #5 and kind of laughed and smiled because the Lord has been laying that number on my heart and also May.   I feel May being the fifth month could be that answer.  He without a doubt has said to me "11" means "were going".  Also I asked if the rapture would happen in 2010 or 2011 and He answered with "11".  He has never clearly said to me or given me an answer until last spring of 2010.  in early 2009 He just answered with "spring".  So putting now both things together THE SPRING OF 2011 is when the Lord is telling me He is coming.  I believe Him and trust Him and His voice.  

Like I've posted before if I'm here come this summer I will be down on my knees asking the Lord for discernment.  He woke me up a few months back and said "look at the clock", I did and it read 1:11 am!  The 11 number is our clue of our going home.  

Love you all,