Amanda (31 Jan 2011)
"Re:  My messages from the Lord and a new one"


I read all of your posts to me about my messages and thank you it uplifted me and I'm glad if He can get His messages out to encourage others to not worry about storing water or whatever.  I forgot to post last week when I heard Him say only one word which was "tornado".  I thought to myself tornado, aren't we in the clear of that weather for atleast right now?  But the nasty weather has been hitting everywhere so I'm sure that tornado could hit any day now.   

Nicole I wanted to say that I don't mind if last year you couldn't even think it could be another year.   Some people feel 2012, or 2014 or whenever.  I read everyone posts too.   I had been asking the Lord if we really had to wait until this year but He kept pointing me to 2011.  He without a doubt is saying "SPRING".  So a fall rapture is out, even though I would watch with anticipation around Rosh Hashanna and all the fall feasts.  I think the Lord will use those feasts for the Jewish people and the tribulation time and then Him returning.  He's pointing me to 2016 as His return time.  I love the Lord and I can't believe the one who has created the universe holds me in His hands and speaks to me.  I know He has told me many of times "His people will KNOW when the rapture is coming".   He's telling me SPRING, MAY AND 11.  So you do the math.  I almost can't believe it because all we know is here and now.  I'm sure everyone feels that way.  Well that's it for now and if I hear Him say anything important or helpful I will surely pass on His words.  

Have a wonderful week,