Amanda (26 Jan 2011)
"Messages from the Lord"

Hi everyone,

I just have to say I feel so blessed to hear from the Lord and to be able to communicate it to all of you guys that are from all over the world.  I am so ANXIOUSLY waiting on the Lord, especially hearing from Him.  I love to sing that song by Britt Nicole....hanging on to everyword you say to light up my, the other night He said to me write it down, mark my words, change is coming--people won't know what to do.  He also said "keep only what you need".  That I'm sure is directed to me because I'm trying to clear out things in the home that need to be donated.  I also asked if this is the year and He said "you know".  He's truly telling me "spring" and I believe He's leading me to May to be the rapture timing.  When I asked Him in spring of 2010 if that year to 2011 was the rapture year, He answered with "11".  That same voice has spoke to me before and answered things for me to know and they have come to pass.  I have to say sometimes I think when I double, triple ask the Lord the same question, He must get frustrated with me in which I have prayed and asked for fogiveness for not believing.  I have to remember to trust Him.   

Thanks for reading,