Alan Trombetta (21 Jan 2011)
"Hebrew Lesson for the Trees of the House of Israel"


Hebrew Lesson: Tu B'Shevat

from Avi ben Mordechai


January 20, 2011

Shalom from Jerusalem. As you are reminded by your brother "Judah" at this time and season about the "New Year for Trees," please keep the following points in mind.  
1) Tu B'Shevat is a custom that is derrived from rabbinic oral law. In and of itself, the custom is not so terrible. However, in announcing to the world that the Land of Judah (not really the Land of Israel, yet) remembers the planting of our trees to fulfill Leviticus 19:23-25, they quite sadly forget about Ezekiel 37:15; that the real "trees" of the Land are both the House of Israel AND the House of Judah, unified in the Name of YHWH, which brings me to my second point.  

2) "TU" of the phrase "Tu B'Shevat" is a deliberate attempt from the religious elders and leaders of Judah to hide the authority and honor due to the Divine Name YHWH. How so? Remember, Hebrew letters also represent numbers. The Tet and the Vav ("TU" Tet=9 and Vav=6) has a numeric value of 15 and thus, 'The Fifteenth of Shevat." The reason the Orthodox of Judah say it this way is because THEY REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE PUBLICLY that it's really YH (YAH) and the Name of the Mashiach that is bringing the blessing, because Y and H are the Hebrew letters Yud and Heh (Yud=10 Heh=5), which is how you would expect to spell the numeric value of 15. In other words, Orthodox Judah has done a "switcharoo" with the Hebrew letters so that they can justify denouncing YHWH in their speech and thus they can justify pushing Him OUT OF THE LAND and scorn Him among the lost sheep of the House of Israel. They do this by replacing YH with TU, saying the number "15" in a different way so as to avoid having anything at all to do with even getting close to pronouncing the Name! It is exactly as Yeshua said in Matthew 23:37-39. If you want to give a blessing back to YHWH for the trees in the Land, say YAH B'Shevat, which is still saying "the Fifteenth of Shevat" but in this, you are honoring the One that has given YOU an inheritance in the Land, even though you are not yet in direct possession of it! Not to fret! All in good time; all in good time!

In the end, there is NO NEW YEAR for trees in the way that the religious leaders of Judah present it because the trees represent a blessing from YHWH, Who has a plan to fulfill His Word about the real planting of the "trees" in the Land as per Ezekiel chapters 34-38; that is, the restoration of the two houses of Israel under the banner of the Mashiach of all Israel!

Be careful what you say. Know why you say what you say! Don't just take the Orthodox word for it that what they say is always good, and right, and honorable to the One Who calls Himself Y-H-W-H (Exodus 3:14 - 15). Pray for the restoration of BOTH houses of Israel to Eretz Israel. Mashiach is THE TREE, and YOU are the BRANCHES.

Baruch HaShem YHWH


Shalom from Jerusalem.
Avi and Dina ben Mordechai
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