Ted Porter (20 Feb 2022)
"Eternity Awaits"


Eternity Awaits



As seven sixty two’s tick tock

Conception starts the Gentile clock

Anointed by the WORD of GOD

The Virgin birth from Jesse’s Rod

Old Covenant confirmed disguised

The WORD made flesh now circumcised

Not for Himself but those who sin

Fulfilling righteousness again



Begotten SON the waters host


The SON of GOD by Man Denied

The SON of Man now crucified

Thick temple veil now rent in two

New covenant from GOD to you

So life eternal can begin

For those repenting of their sin



Can copyright now steal God’s WORD?

And make it void to those who heard?

Professing wisdom fools they be

To copyright apostasy

The fall from faith the Church did sow

The more they learn the less they know

For certain men crept unawares

Forbidden tree foul fruit it bears



Done Gentile times are now the Jew

Which follow fast by forty two

The time of Jacob’s Trouble loom

For triple seven years of doom

Obama, Francis, Chairman Xi

Make up the evil trinity

Red China Dragon Xi released

Sixth head and eighth, ninth horn of Beast



Enriched behind the mask revealed

Before the thousand gross are sealed

Obama and the Pope defer

Beelzebub and Lucifer

The seven sevens Jubilee

Anoint Beelzebub set free

Anointed was the man of sin

Two seven troubles now begin



Fanged serpent venom does its trick

Through sorcery that makes man sick

Synthetic genes not like for like

Make bioactive trademarked spike

The devil buys you for a song

So now to whom do you belong?

Corrupted is the seed of man

Corrupted by the son of Dan



Groom gathers Bride with sudden theft

The World doth mourn for those He left

Perdition’s son the sign World vaxxed

Begotten SON the sign World taxed

The evil ones have sealed their fate

Rebellion quashed, they know too late

For every knee bow down the sword

And breathe that JESUS CHRIST is Lord!



His thousand years for CHRIST the King

Lift up your voice, rejoice, and sing!

One seven left with Satan loose

Will lead rebellion cook his goose

Now Judgment Day arrives at last

Into the lake of fire they’re cast

No Sabbath rest for those who mock

Eternity awaits tick ---

Ted Porter