Luis Vega (20 Feb 2022)
"AMERICAN GULAGS ARE COMING - 30 Protocols of the CDC’S Green Zones"


Operation ‘Shielding Approach’

by Luis B. Vega

Aside from the known FEMA Camps at are known to exist now in the USA, realize that the USA, as in many other Nations are still under ‘Emergency Rule’. Even now more so in Canada as Working-Class Truckers, Freedom Protesters, Pastors are being arrested under Canada’s new Emergency Powers declaration by the Prime Minister. There is no Bail nor reason needed to be given. And Bank Accounts are being frozen. Children are be separated, Pets, after 8 Days if not accommodated for will be killed. Canada, you had a chance to not re-elect Castro’s Communist Bastard Son. But being a Graduate of the Clause Schwab ‘Young Globalist’ Institute, realize that he is not your Prime Minister but a Puppet of the Synagogue of Satan.

He is deciding for the Luciferian Globalists and not Canadians. This goes for the same in the USA with Biden as with Australia, New Zealand, the UK and increasing places like Austria. And for the USA, it is technically under FEMA Law. As it is also beside the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security issued a Bulletin specifying that any U.S. Citizen/Person opposing or even questioning or criticizing the Official Federal Governed Narrative is now considered a ‘Terrorist’. This is how they will fill-up the FEMA Camps. The next New World Order will not tolerate any dissent.

But once the Economic Collapse does occur and the Petro Dollar will no longer be a World Reserve Currency, the Dollar will be worthless, less valuable than the Paper it is printed on. All Bank Accounts, Savings, Retirement will vanish. But this is part of the Plan as the New Digital Currency will come online, but guess what it will be tied to? Your ‘Vaccination’ Status. No COVID Injections or their endless Boosters, no access to Food, Shelter or even worse, Children and Households. It is coming to the USA. The Protocols are in the Books, the CDC Books. See below the 30 Protocols of the CDC’s Operation ‘Shielding Approach’. It has been out now for a while but not many have actually dissected it for its ramifications and outcomes.

As the FEMA Camps will most like be filled with Political Prisons of Conscience, the CDC’s ‘Green Zones’ will deal more so with the Medical Aspects. If one reads the Protocols, it is a Dystopian and Orwellian attempt at destroying the Family Unit, more so. It is admitted, in their own word, that it is an attempt at Re-Engineering Society. It is pure evil under the guise of ‘Protecting the Most Vulnerable Amongst Us’. Based on the Sabbath Cycle of Time, the World Economy is pegged to the 7th Year, which one is currently in. Meaning? That it is the Shemitah Year or ‘Reset’ Year’ and that will most likely converge with the Luciferian and Synagogue of Satan’s attempt at their ‘Reset’.  

Such Resets, if based on prior Patterns that have to occur, happen during the Fall Feasts of YHVH, around Rosh HaShanah in particular. The Pattern has been the following based on past Market Collapse Cycles or ‘Resets’: 1994-2001-2008-2015-2022. It will involve major man-made Catastrophic Events, be they Military, False Flag, etc. With the intentional disruption of the Food and Product’s Chain Supplies, Commodities and the like are being used as a ‘Weapon’, as are the Injections. The effort of Full Spectrum Dominance will have come true as Kissinger, the Luciferian Globalist Synagogue of Satan, wrote a Paper on how Food is to be used as a Weapon. 

And that when the Currency collapses and there is no Food in the Stores, nationwide and People have lost all their Money in the Banks, the Chaos will be so severe because of the Lawlessness, Murder, Thievery that will occur, People will beg the Government to bring ‘Order’ through the  Army and/or Police State that are seen now in places like Australia and Canada, etc. In this case, it will also be augmented by the Left’s Love for the U.N. and their ‘Peace-Keeping’ Forces. Realize that the core contingency of U.N. Troops is made-up of Chinese PLA Personal.

So, if one wants to have a sneak-peek at that the CDC COVID Camps will look like in the USA in the not-too-distant future, read the 30 Protocols to get an idea. One will hope that the Blessed Hope will have happened by the Fall of 2022. But from here on out, the World will be spiraling out of control, on purpose. But in terms of Bible Prophecy, the ‘Pieces are falling into Place’ and they must happen this way. The only solace the Bride of Christ has not is to totally rely, Day to Day by the Power of the Holy Spirit and share the Gospel in these last few Months, it at all before one’s Evacuation is called for. Why?

It is Jesus that will declare war on these Synagogue of Satan Vampires. It is Jesus that will freeze their Global Digital Currencies. It is Jesus that will be cause their Graphene Oxide Injections to backfire and have all those People who took the Mark of the Beast break-out. It is Jesus what will cause Judgment to Fall in a Christ Rejecting World with War, Real Pestilences and Famine. And it is Jesus that will return with His Saints to through the AntiChrist and the False Prophet into the Lake of Fire and bind Lucifer in Chains of Darkness. Jesus promise the Church type of Philadelphians the Door of Escape from the Hour of Trial the World is about to go into.

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