Jean Stepnoski (20 Feb 2022)
"Purim Day 2 and St. Patrick's Day on 3-17-2022"

   The date of 3-17-2022 will combine 2 events for those living in Europe (especially Ireland), and Israel, and North and South America. It will be a combination of Purim Day 2 and St. Patrick’s Day. For some, this will be a day of premiere Celebration and Joy. For some others, it will be a day of grave Spiritual Dangers. See Luke 21: 34-36 in my previous article about “the cares of life.” Which specifically does the Messiah WARN about? Drunkenness and dissipation. Eating corned beef and cabbage is a different celebration than drinking too many intoxicants, green colored beer or Irish Whiskey or otherwise. Listening to bagpipes and singing songs is not dissipation. So 3-17-2022 will be a day of DOUBLE SPIRITUAL WARNINGS from the Messiah concerning Purim Day 2 and St. Patrick’s Day. These WARNINGS  are directed to House of Israel people and Gentiles combined!  Might this be a Spiritual Sea Change Day? Only about 1 month away, we will know soon…



With Love and Shalom,