Garry B (20 Feb 2022)


God gave us His last-days chronological agenda of events through His prophet Joel according to :

The following Scripture announces that the Day of the Lord  BEGINS as a DESTRUCTION of tribulation judgment  FROM GOD exclusively upon the Nation of Israel : 

Joel  1:15

"Alas for the day! For the Day of the Lord is at hand , and as a DESTRUCTION from the Almighty shall it come."

Joel 2:11

"For the Day of the Lord is great and very terrible  , and who can abide it ?"

The  next Scripture tells us that AFTER God ends His DESTRUCTION of tribulation exclusively upon the Nation of Israel He will defeat and remove the Gog-Magog Army from Israel :

Joel 2:20

"And I will remove far off from you the NORTHERN ARMY  ( the Gog-Magog Army )  , and I will drive him into a land barren and desolate..."

The next Scripture tells us that we will see CERTAIN signs in the sky and on the earth BEFORE the Day of the Lord to announce its arrival :

Joel 2:30-31

"And I will show wonders in the  heavens , and in the earth,  blood , and fire, and pillars of smoke . The sun shall  be turned into darkness , and the moon into blood  ,  BEFORE the great and terrible Day of the Lord COMES. "

The  next Scripture tells us that at the BEGINNING of the Day of the Lord IS WHEN the Lord's Elect Church will be resurrected / raptured :

Joel 2:32

"And  it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the  name of the Lord SHALL BE DELIVERED  ( resurrected / raptured ),,,"

From the prophecy of  Joel can you figure out the chronological order of the end-days events which are cited in the above Scriptures? 


In the prophecy of Joel God gives us the chronological order of the last-days events :

We know the  Body of Christ Church "is not appointed to the wrath of God" which BEGINS  as the Day of the Lord's judgment of DESTRUCTION  upon the Nation of Israel with the invasion of Israel by the Gog-Magog Army.  God will then end His DESTRUCTION  of Israel by the Gog-Magog Army to save Israel from complete DESTRUCTION  by removing the NORTHERN ARMY , ie. the Gog -Magog Army, from Israel. 

THEN BEFORE the Day of the Lord's great tribulation judgment comes upon the WHOLE WORLD God will SHOW US SIGNS in the heavens of the sun being darkened , the moon  not giving her light, and the stars falling from the sky just BEFORE the Lord appears to resurrect / rapture His Elect Church  as described in Matthew 24:29-31.

According to Your Holy Word, come Lord Jesus !