Garry B (20 Feb 2022)


The word 'church' does not appear in the Old Testament. The Apostle Paul is God's designated apostle to "the GENTILES".  The Body of Christ GENTILE Church is spoken of as "the GENTILES" In the following two Old Testament Scriptures. God says He will fulfill TWO prophecies "BEFORE THEIR EYES" of the "LATTER DAYS" Body of Christ "GENTILE" Church according to :

Ezekiel 36:23-25 ( God is speaking to the  people of Israel through His prophet Ezekiel )

"And the GENTILES shall know that I am the Lord when I shall be sanctified in you, O Gog, BEFORE THEIR EYES.  For I will take you from among the GENTILES, and gather you out of all countries, and I will bring you into your own land. ( which  happened in 1948  )  THEN I will sprinkle clean water upon you , and you shall be clean from all your filthiness and from  your idols, and I will cleanse you ."    

(  This cleansing of Israel is the next event to come on God's last-days agenda ) 

The "cleansing" of the Nation of Israel, that God is speaking of, is His Gog -Magog War of great tribulation  judgment exclusively upon the Nation of  Israel which happens immediately  BEFORE the resurrection / rapture of His "LATTER DAYS" Body of Christ "GENTILE" Church according to Matthew 24:29 which states,  "IMMEDIATELY AFTER  the tribulation of those days....".

Ezekiel 38:16 ( God is speaking to Gog about Gog's role the "latter-days" events  BEFORE the resurrection / rapture )
" And thou shall come up against My people of Israel shall be
IN THE LATTER DAYS,  and I will bring thee against My land , that the GENTILES may know Me  when I shall be sanctified  in thee. O' Gog, BEFORE THEIR  EYES."

In Matthew 24:29 Jesus says, "IMMEDIATELY AFTER the tribulation of those days"  meaning "immediately AFTER those days"  of  His Gog-Magog War of tribulation judgment exclusively  upon Israel whose purpose is to  exclusively  "cleanse" Israel from their sins of unbelief; then  the resurrection  / rapture of His Body of Christ GENTILE CHURCH will happen according to Matthew 24;20-31. 

Notice that BOTH "latter days" events ,spoken of here, will be fulfilled "BEFORE THE EYES" of the Body of Christ "GENTILE" Church who are watching for the Lord's appearing to resurrect and rapture His  Church. The FIRST prophecy was fulfilled in 1948, and the SECOND  prophecy will be fulfilled very soon according to :

Luke 21:28 ( Jesus is speaking to His "latter-days" Body of Christ "GENTILE" Church who are watching for the last sign "BEFORE THEIR EYES"  of the pending resurrection / rapture. )

"WHEN  these things ( the Gog-Magog War upon Israel ) BEGIN to come to pass look up and lift up your head because your redemption  ( rapture )  draws near."


In the TWO above Old Testament Scriptures God speaks about the same group of Gentiles which is His "latter days" GENTILE Church giving the chronological order of THE TWO "latter-days" prophetic events which will be fulfilled "BEFORE THEIR EYES" of the watching  Body of Christ "GENTILE"Church ,  BEFOREthe rapture happens,  are as follows : 

#1   The return of the Nation of Israel back into their own land which happened in 1948 "BEFORE THEIR EYES"  of the "LATTER DAYS" watching "GENTILE"  Church according to Ezekiel 36:23-25.

#2   The Gog -Magog War of God's tribulation judgment exclusively upon the Nation of Israel to "cleanse" Israel of their sins  "BEFORE THEIR EYES" of the "LATTER DAYS" watching "GENTILE" Church according to Ezekiel 38:16

#3   The "LATTER DAYS" resurrection / rapture of "His Elect" Body of Christ "GENTILE"Church will happen " IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE TRIBULATION OF THOSE DAYS" which means  "immediately after those days" of the Gog-Magog War of God's great tribulation  judgment exclusively upon the Nation of israel to "CLEANSE" Israel .

The "GENTILE"Church IS NOT appointed to the wrath of God, but it will be a witness to the wrath of God exclusively upon the Nation of Israel IMMEDIATELY  BEFORE the  resurrection / rapture happens. 

THE BOTTOM LINE :  The resurrection / rapture cannot happen until AFTER the Gog-Magog War BEGINS  against Israel according to the Scriptures                     

According  to Your Holy Word,  come Lord  Jesus !