Fay (27 Feb 2022)
"John Tng"


Hi John,

Your post from last week linked below. I had to read it many times and do loads of research to understand what you laid out. It's like exquisite poetry for math!

You have never veered from identifying the AC as Obama. You simply keep adding layer upon layer of deeply researched truth. Given this truth - it puts a slant on recent events. Putin bashing rules the day, as far as mainstream media are concerned. I don't doubt that Putin is as evil and as mad as the rest of the world's politicians. That is a given. However - the Biden administration (Obama's puppets) are just as evil. If not more evil.

It's simply a matter of time before that man of sin is revealed (Obama). And I believe we will all still be here to witness it. And I believe that we can stand by the sure word of scripture that tells us that we will be able to see THAT day approaching.

May Almighty God bless you, John Tng. You have provided for the body of Christ. In very many ways. You are a treasure and it will be so very lovely to finally meet you in heaven.


Thanks, Fay! Today is a special day. In 1997, Feb 27, I started the Five Doves. Exactly FIVE x FIVE years to the day!

JESUS (888) spoke to me this morning via the number 888. He proved that CHRIST is Positive to me to the minute!

God is good!