Fay (20 Feb 2022)
"Buckle Up but Fear Not."


Hi John and Doves,

I have linked another doom filled article below. There are plenty of them.

I sat through Storm Eunice today (UK). It was fierce. The wind was shrieking, moaning, howling and screaming. I thought the trees were about to uproot. The power had cut and it was freezing cold. I climbed into bed with thick duvet's and fake "road kill" fluffy blankets and began reading a good book. I prayed and felt very secure as windy-geddon howled outside. With power cuts comes zero internet or phone connections. I did not like it. Perhaps we become addicted to fear mongering? Worst case scenarios? I know this comes out of our yearning for our LORD to return but it is NOT good for our souls.

We are specifically told not to fear as we see prophecy unfolding. As bad as it gets - we have no reason to fear. I trust my Bible. What I no longer trust is fear peddling on so-called Christian websites and YT channels. We get enough of that rubbish on mainstream media - thank you very much! What we all need is reassurance, strength and courage. Realistic and honest prophecy watchers who are not trying to peddle their latest book or garner more views on their channels. There was a long period where we were all sucked in by the "apostasy" word being another meaning for the rapture or "falling away" as in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. What utter rubbish. This was done (either deliberately or in hope) to stress that believers would not be here to witness the arrival of the man of sin. It has become increasingly clear that we will be here right up until the arrival of our LORD Jesus, when His feet touch the Mount of Olives and a severe earthquake occurs. The resurrection of the dead will occur - closely followed by the rapture. Thereafter, there will be 1,260 days where the Jewish remnant will be protected for the duration of the great tribulation.

Ask yourselves if you seriously thought we would still be here for the horror that is currently afflicting our world. The wars of Psalm 83 and the war of Ezekiel 38 (Gog Magog) are shimmering, menacingly on the horizon. Ask yourselves why the Euphrates will dry up "to make way for the kings of the east" in Revelation 16. Why don't they fly in? Why do they have to make their way overland to attack Israel? The most logical answer is that there has been huge destruction - the grid is down etc.

This world is facing a frightening threat of nuclear war. As Putin said - there will be no winners in this war. The Biden administration is clearly off it's collective rocker. Nancy Pelosi recently addressed the Knesset in Israel and declared that the 5 species in the Bible could be likened to her "very high powered team" because of their diversity! The madness increases. Yet - we believers really have nothing to fear. We really, really don't. Scripture is very clear.