Fay (20 Feb 2022)
"Sodom and Egypt"


It nauseates me to see how the Israeli government suck up to these evil people. To host Nancy Pelosi in the knesset and shower her with praise, is the height of suck-uppery. Pelosi and her ilk are anything but "Israel's Besties". The total opposite is true. This is infuriating.

In Revelation 11, Jerusalem is likened (figuratively) to Egypt and Sodom. 2nd link below. This tells us that Jerusalem (Israel) is living under captivity. Israel is NOT a free country. The USA has ruled over Israel since her birth in 1948. When the USA tells Israel "Jump" - Israel replies "how high?" The USA government is the current "Pharaoh". They never allow Israel to deal properly with the so-called Palestinian issue. If anything - they aid and abet it! Likening Jerusalem to Sodom (as well as Egypt) tells us that the Jewish people are living in a city ruled by evil. Both Egypt and Sodom imply a future exodus out of Israel. Under this Biden (Obama) administration, it has become very clear just who mystery Babylon is.

Both Netanyahu and Donald Trump lost their "thrones" as a result of the Abraham Accords. They received judgement. How long, O LORD God, will it take for these evil Dems to taste your judgement? Please bring it soon, Father God. In Jesus' precious Name.

How I long for the day when Israel - Jerusalem - is set free.

Please come quickly, LORD Jesus.