Fay (13 Feb 2022)
"Donna Danna re Apostasy in the Church"


Hi Donna D,

You make some excellent points in your reply to me from last week. Great points that I took time to think about.

Yes - the "church" of whatever denomination is more than capable of apostasy. If we want a prime example, we only have to think of the Roman Catholic and Anglican monoliths. Huge money making organisations that prey upon the na´ve. But - I don't believe this is THE apostasy that scripture speaks of.

Our faith in Jesus, is a personal thing. We don't need a dressed up pontiff to tell us about Jesus or how we are to worship. Scripture tells us that we will be able to discern good from evil by their "fruits". Matthew 7:15-20 covers this beautifully (1st link). It has taken quite a few hundred years for most to see the filth and lies surrounding established religion. I, personally, cannot abide institutionalised religion. I abhor these major "churches". I'm sure Almighty God does too. But, for all their sham and lies (the major churches) - individual Christians can choose to accept or reject their teachings. The Jewish people have no such choice. Almighty God has put His mark on them. The Jewish people belong to Almighty God in a way that demands obedience. It's conditional. It's firmly part of the original Covenant. Therefore, an apostasy of major proportions, can only emanate from Israel. I don't believe Almighty God places any store in the rubbish spouted by the RC church and their ilk. They have indulged in apostasy for the last 2,000 years !!

This future apostasy is the one that causes everything to change. And because everything prophetic concerns Israel, the final and major apostasy will concern Israel. Interestingly - the only unforgiveable sin in Christianity, is the one against the Holy Spirit. I have always believed that this involves fundamentally KNOWING the truth - having the Holy Spirit - yet deliberately choosing to ignore this truth. Turning against this profound truth. Again - I still see this as an individual choice.

I enjoy your posts, Donna D. May God Bless you and all of us. May He grant us courage, protection and endurance. Most of all - may He grant us wisdom.