Fay (13 Feb 2022)
"Misinformation on Steroids."


Will Russia invade Ukraine, or not? That is the question. Are the headlines alarmism or truth? And if the headlines are misinformation - how do we, the people, differentiate between truth or lies?

Going on the decades long misinformation we have been subjected to in the western mainstream media, it's hard not to have doubts about their panicky headlines. The western mainstream media have developed a vile reputation and we are within our rights to question and doubt them. I mean - these are the media sources who have been telling us that there are hundreds of different genders and demanding that we refrain from "mis gendering" anyone. Even if it's blatantly obvious that a man is a man and a woman is a woman. Biological FACT! Western mainstream media has been complicit in furthering this insanity. They give it oxygen. They have given BLM and CRT oxygen. They have promoted the covid panic and helped insist that we all subject ourselves to countless shots and boosters. Mainstream media are whores to the establishment. An establishment which has an "institute" in London that caters to children wanting to change their gender. The Tavistock Institute. This institute performs operations on children. Slicing off their God given reproductive parts and filling them with hormonal, soul destroying medicines to achieve their aim. Hey - what happened in Nazi German concentration camps hasn't got anything on this scandal. Because they are doing it under the benign glow of British government approval.

Christians have been saying this for years. We have been vilified and called conspiracy theorists. We have been relegated to the fringe community of "nut cases". Now - the world is waking up. AT LONG LAST !!!

Whilst seeing the evidence of Russian troops gathered on the border with Ukraine, one is tempted to believe the USA rhetoric re an imminent invasion. Particularly after Russia just moved in and took Crimea in 2014. I don't think - for a single second- that Putin is a pure as the driven snow but I also don't think he is stupid. There is something nefarious afoot and we need to keep our wits about us. According to Luke 12:2 there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed in the end times. Also see:-

1 Corinthians 4:5. Luke 12:3. Mark 4:22. Matthew 10:26.

With the SHOUTY headlines emanating from mainstream media re imminent war - we would do well to pray for wisdom, courage and protection. The rebellion of the common people (Canada) has brought all of this to the fore. May Almighty God Bless the Canadian truckers. Methinks it is the Biden administration who is pushing for this war. Just the way that they pushed for BLM, Antifa, CRT etc.