Fay (13 Feb 2022)
"Prophecy from the Horses Mouth."


Hi John and Doves,

This has been ignored by mainstream prophecy experts - because it doesn't "fit" with the established version of the end times. This is a tragedy of monumental proportions. Almighty God sent us prophecy in the form of young Natan and it has been ignored. I plead with you all to watch it. I have linked it below. If you don't want to sit through the entire clip - start watching from about the 27 minute mark. That is where it gets into the meat and potatoes of end time events.

According to Natan - a world war will break out. This war will be because the USA has brought it's whole army over to the east. Natan names Gog as Obama. At first - Israel will not be part of the world war. The rest of the nations will all be fighting each other because they want control over Israel. Specifically Jerusalem. At a certain point, the warring nations will unite to attack Israel. Natan was filled with the urgency of the matter.

I watched an Amir Tsarfati news update today, where he said that we are to only take notice when a war involves Israel. Amir is brilliant at alerting all of us as to what is happening re prophecy and I appreciate his efforts. BUT - EVERYTHING that happens in these end times will involve Israel. Whether or not it is obvious, at first. Amir was one of the first to celebrate the Abraham Accords. Amir and Jack Hibbs. Meanwhile - everything has gone downhill since those "accords" were signed. Donald Trump lost his presidency and big time judgement began - because of those blasphemous accords. It has been nothing but chaos ever since. What part of "trust entirely upon the LORD God" does Israel (and Christians) not understand? Those Abraham Accords were like signing a covenant with the devil. A false, idolatrous religion. A golden calf. It may have seemed a benign, and expedient exercise at the time but it was a slap to the face of Almighty God. Do people not read their Bibles? Does Amir not understand how Almighty God expects TOTAL obedience from His Chosen People?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Just look at where those Abraham Accords have brought us to. We are living in a dystopian nightmare. Do we need more proof of Almighty God's disapproval? This world has entered into severe judgement. Doubt it not.

Getting back to Natan's prophetic experience... read Daniel 11: 40-45. Look at it through the eyes of what is happening now as it involves the time of the end.

Leave all your pre conceived ideas behind regarding the end times. The Temple will come down from Heaven. The 3rd Temple will NOT be a man-made Temple. It will be the final Temple, which will be housed in the New Jerusalem. A Temple crafted beautifully and perfectly in heaven and gifted to earth. This coming war involving Russia will evolve into Ezekiel 38. Jon Tng identified the AC as Obama many years ago. Obama was identified as Gog by Natan. And who is pulling the strings in the USA right now? It sure isn't Biden.

Please take the time to watch the clip.

May God Bless and keep us.