Elliot Hong (27 Feb 2022)
"40 Days from the New Moon of Adar II to Nisan 10"

Dear Doves:

It was around 10pm(EST) on 2/23 in US when Russia started to invade Ukraine.
2/23 can be read as 322 which is the number associated with NWO.
2 messages related to the invasion that I introduced in the previous letter are fulfilled. 
Now a question is when SD will occur as the midnight cry.
I like to introduce 2 messages that Barbara Francis received on 2/22 and 2/25.
It says "At midnight a cry will be heard and the Bridegroom is coming for his Bride."
It says "America he has set his sights on you. Your weak leadership makes you the prize."
And it's possible that SD could occur as the midnight cry either on 2/26 or 2/27.
The waning moon appears on 2/26-2/27, and 3 days later, it will be the new moon of Adar II. 
The prophecy of the new moon in Colossians 2:16-17 must be fulfilled.
If the Remnant is birthed on 3/2 and will witness for 40 days from 3/3, it comes to 4/11, Nisan 10.
I see 6 reasons why Nisan 10 could be the day for the Blessed Hope.
a. On Nisan 10 the Israelites selected a spotless lamb which is matched with a spotless bride.
b. On Palm Sunday Jesus cursed the fruitless fig tree, and the bride should be a good fruitful tree.
c. On Palm Sunday Jesus wept over Jerusalem and said "You did not recognize the time of God's coming."
    And Nisan 10 could be the appointed day not only for Israel but also for the Church.
d. On Palm Sunday Jesus on a donkey entered Jerusalem and He was welcomed as the Messiah and the King.
    And the bride must prepare herself humbly to meet the coming Messiah and the King.
e. Joshua led the Israelites to cross the Jordan River on Nisan 10.
    Joshua is the type of Yeshua and the crossing the Jordan represents entering into the spiritual realm.
    Ever Given was refloated on 3/29/21 which was considered as the sign for the 2nd Red Sea Miracle in the future.
    It's 1 year 14 days from 3/29/21 to 4/11/22, and 14 means Salvation.
f.  Obama visited the Church of the Nativity on 3/22/13 which was Nisan 10.
    Thus this coming Nisan 10(4/11) could be the day for "The Removal of the Restrainer" of 2 Thessalonians 2:7.
I think that 40 days of the witness is the same period as "The Time of Sorrows" of Matthew 24:4-8.
And some messengers received that "The Time of Sorrows" ends with 3 days of darkness.
Thus it's possible that Nisan 8,9,10(4/9,10,11) are for 3 days of darkness.
I know that there will be the Planetary Alignment on March 17-18,(Purim and Shushan Purim).
But it's my opinion that the Birth of the Remnant and the Rapture are the hidden secret mystery.
Therefore, I believe that the heavenly sign on March 17-18 could be for WW III or Ezekiel 38-39.
Hopefully, this theory becomes a reality this time.