Elliot Hong (22 Feb 2022)
"Could the Remnant be Dedicated on the 8th Day(2/22) from Purim Katan?"

Dear Doves:

Purim Katan was 1 month from the New Year for Trees on 1/17.
I think that God allowed 1 month for believers to be ready as a beautiful good fruitful tree from 1/17.
And it's my opinion that the Remnant was chosen on Purim Katan.
Small Purim doesn't mean that it's less important than Purim.
The meaning of Small Purim should be connected to "For many are invited, but few are chosen."
Thus the Remnant is birthed first, then brings many more Esthers through the witness of 40 Days.
This design of God can only happen when it's the leap year.
Now I understand why someone received the message that the Rapture occurs when it's the leap year.
And as it's written in Luke 2:22, the Remnant could be dedicated on the 8th day too which is 2/22
2/22 is the third day and the moon will be located at the feet of Virgo on 2/22.
If the Remnant will witness for 40 days from 2/22, it ends on 4/2 which is Nisan 1.
Nisan 1 was the day when all the instructions for the Exodus were given to the Israelites.
Thus it's possible that the Work of Restoration for Israel could be resumed from Nisan 1.
But I believe that the final week of Daniel will begin from Passover on 4/16.
Also it's possible that 3 days darkness could cover the earth for 4/2,3,4 which fit to $2.34. 
If SD occurs as the midnight cry before 2/22, it should be on 2/19.
2/19 fits to Kim Fisher's dream and Charity's vision.
Trump started to count from 15 (Purim Katan was on 2/15), then counted 19 (the 5th day) extra loudly.
And Charity heard "5,6,7,Jesus!" and "Jesus" could be counted as 8.
2/19 is 7 days from the 56th Super Bowl which was held on 2/13 in LA.
Michelle Katherine Orts received the message "War Begins February 23rd" on 2/14.
2/23 can be read as 322 which is the number of Skull & Bones.
O visited the Church of the Nativity on 3/22 in 2013 and the Georgia Guidestones was dedicated on 3/22 in 1980. 
Thus it's very possible that this message could be fulfilled.
And the God's Judgment will begin at the same time for 40 days as like the Noah's rain lasted for 40 days.
Here is another fearful message that Sister Vicky received.
All puzzles fit.
Hopefully this is it!