Elliot Hong (13 Jun 2021)
"Super Bowl, Valentine's Day and Purim Katan"

Dear Doves:

I've been suggesting that the miraculous game of Tim Tebow was prophetic.
He won the game in 11 seconds of Sudden Death by throwing 80 yards to Thomas of 88.
To me, it's a hint that SD of 1 Thessalonians 5:3 would occur related to Super Bowl.
This 56th Super Bowl is held on 2/13 in LA.
5+6 is 11 which means Judgment and 13 means Apostasy.
I learned from someone's comment that it's 9 years 11 days from the 47th Super Bowl to this Super Bowl.
And there was 34 minutes blackout during the game of the 47th Super Bowl and 4+7 is 11 as well.
Interestingly, here are 2 recent messages about blackout.
And here are 3 movies relating to Super Bowl Terror.
"Two Minute Warning" is about the Terror in Super Bowl which was held at LA Memorial Coliseum.
It reminds me of 1984 LA Olympics.
In the Closing Ceremony, the spectacular show of UFO and alien was performed.
O will be the one who will deceive the whole world with many lies of alien.
Therefore, if SD occurs in this Super Bowl, it will usher O to return to power.
The full moon in the Closing Ceremony was Tu B'Av and this Purim Katan is 7 months from Tu B'Av 2021.
The moon on 2/12-2/13 will be in Gemini.
The original meaning of Gemini is to get marry after a long time of the engagement.
And Castor & Pollux are known as Roman god of war.
Someone had a vision that a while after Super Bowl a big explosion occurs during a block party.
It could be a victory party of the winning team of Super Bowl or Valentine's Day party.
Here is the youtube claiming that a possible destruction could occur on Valentine's Day.
Because 5782 is the leap year, Purim Katan and Purim are observed.
It could be the design of God that the Remnant is birthed first as Esther on Purim Katan.
Then more Overcomers will be joined in the group of Esther through the witness of 40 Days by the Remnant.
If the Remnant begins to witness for 40 days from 2/18 which is 3 days from Purim Katan, it comes to 3/29.
Ever Given was refloated on Passover of 3/29 last year.
And Fay interpreted it as the sign that the Firstfruits will be birthed in the near future.
Although the Messiah was cut off on Passover, the Work of Restoration for Israel will be resumed from Nisan 1.
Because Nisan 1 was the day when God gave all the instructions for the Exodus.
Therefore, the Church Age should end before Nisan 1(4/2) as the Overcomers are presented to the whole world.
Hopefully this scenario becomes a reality this time.