Derrick Drew (27 Feb 2022)
"Gino’s post last week, simple yet profound"

Gino, I was reading your post last week
And I thought how simple and straightforward and yet how profound - very true.

Anyone who thinks the church will go through any part of the tribulation - I would ask this question to:  What is the purpose of the Tribulation ? (the time of Jacob’s trouble as you correctly put it)

Most incorrectly think it is God’s time of revenge on sinful men and a fallen world.
Incorrect.  God did have His time of revenge on sinful men already, that happened on the cross 2000 years ago.

So then if God is satisfied and no longer wrathful over sin, what is the time of tribulation for?  Logically it is only for those that have rejected His payment for sin, His Son - so why then would the church be in any part of that?

Of course the church is not, as you said it is the time of Jacobs trouble, meant for those that have rejected the son including the remaining unbelieving Jews.
However, I draw a slight difference.  To the unbelieving Gentiles there will be very little mercy to be had, there will be unbelieving Gentiles to realize their error and get saved during the tribulation of course, but the focus of mercy will be on “Jacob” - who God still wants to become “Israel” - the prince that prevails with God.

So the motive of the tribulation for them will ultimately be “tough love” and to sift out the remnant from the unbelieving Jews that will still refuse the truth.  I always think of this scripture: Hosea 2:14 ““Therefore, behold, I will allure her, Will bring her into the wilderness, And speak comfort to her.”

God is about to bring unbelieving Israel into the wilderness of the tribulation, but will ultimately woo them with the love of Jesus there and speak comfort to her there and unbelieving Jacob will become the believing remnant of Israel in the wilderness and become His bride, along with us in the Church.

Blessings my brother, in Yeshua,
Derrick Drew