Derrick Drew (27 Feb 2022)
"Greg Wilson, a suggestion for your friend T.W Tramm"

Hi Greg, since you are friends with T.W. Tramm, a suggestion and constructive criticism for him.

Last week I read your post
And went to the site you provided

I have seen some of T.W.s teachings about the Jubilee and 2023 and find them fascinating so I went to his site to check this out.
Immediately I was turned off.
When I went to his page here is what I saw - now please note I am not saying that this is where T.W.s heart is or his motivation, I am just saying as an outsider here is what it appeared like to meÖ..
No scripture, No gospel, no Jesus taking front and center - just a BIG picture of his book and I thought, oh no, not another one of these, someone with a prophecy website trying to hawk another date setting prophecy book.  We have seen so many of these over the years and I have certainly been a partaken of more than my fair share it was a turn off to me so I didnít spend much time on the page.
Again - I donít want to judge, because I donít know T.W.s true motives or his heart, Iím just commenting that this is how it appeared to me a watching believer, so it will not likely be appealing to an unbeliever.
My suggestion would be to put scripture/ Gospel / Jesus in the center and forefront, and make the book more of a ďoh by the way I have a book about this if you want to learn moreĒ
Anyway, just my 2 shekels, I hope my criticism has been received correctly in the spirit of love and edification.  Please do encourage T.W. as I find his most recent timeline hopeful and interesting.
Your brother in Yeshua,
Derrick Drew