Daniel (27 Feb 2022)
"Ukraine - Russia conflict/III Archangel Michael in Kiev"

Ukraine - Russia conflict/III
Archangel Michael in Kiev
Dear brethren of Five Doves
During the last days of intercession the Lord led me also
to google about the city of Kiev.
And to my very positive surprise I discovered that the
flag of Kiev shows the archangel Michael which I did not
know before !
This encourages me to continue to pray and to make
intercession and spiritual warfare as much as possible
during those days.
And may You dear brethren of Five Doves make exactly
the same worldwide = mobilize Your prayer groups
and start to send "intercontinental missiles" to Europe =
not military missiles which bring death and destruction
but prayer missiles which bring victory and life !
God bless You All dear brethren 
Brother Daniel from Switzerland