Daniel (27 Feb 2022)
"Ukraine - Russia conflict/II"

letter II to Five Doves
Ukraine - Russia conflict/II
- prayer can chance a war
- strong testimonies of WW II
Dear brethren of Five Doves
In addition to my letter I to Five Doves (my body trembling
during prayer on wednesday 23rd february just at the last
day before the war broke out) I encourage You to read
also the following testimonies how prayer changed and won
1. Derek Prince and the battle of El Alamein in North Africa
-  google "The battle of El Alamein prayer and the sovereignity
   of God, Derek prince"
2.  Jean Schwab/Switzerland ("an alpine hut as a prayer chapel")
-  go to www.baruch.ch
-  scroll down and at the end much down on the left "translate"
   and click to english/Flag of England
-  then scroll up again to the titles on the left side and click
   "Switzerland at war" Jean Schwab (and Samuel Unger)
   Very impressive how a very simple man was led by God to go
   to the mountains to pray and fast and how hitler lost the war
   because of prayer ("every time we prepared a battle plan,
   then he would interfere and ruin everything")
May God bless you all
Brother Daniel from Switzerland