Chance (27 Feb 2022)
"As Trudeau Ends Emergencies Act - Biden Prepares For the U.S. Convoy March 1, 2022"

Hello John and Doves,
Trudeau ends the "Emergencies" Act.  Stating 'existing by laws are now enough to keep people safe'.  And 'there will be an inquiry into the evoking of this act'.  I doubt nothing more than a slap on the hand will happen to Trudeau's government.  After all, the globalists put him in office.
"In the bigger picture, the Canadian banking and financial system was hit hard by the deployment of the Emergency Act which highlighted the ability of the government to arbitrarily freeze and seize money, assets and financial investment capital without any due process.  There are also strong rumors in the financial sector, that in addition to Canadians removing money from the banking system, previous investment funds from Hong Kong had been moved, and making matters even worse, digital currency exchanges were no longer offering secure services in Canada.  Simultaneous to the mounting domestic and international backlash against the financial system, the Canadian Senate was likely to rebuke the government of Justin Trudeau and not support the invocation of the Emergency War Measures Act against Canadian citizens."
"Indeed, the first response to many who witnessed the gleeful declarations of the Canadian government as they expressed their intent to utilize their emergency power, was that this was seriously going to undermine faith and confidence in the Canadian financial systems.  The RCMP is the Canadian equivalent of the FBI....What might seem like a great tool for political punishment has long term consequences, especially if people start withdrawing their money and/or shifting placement of their investments to more secure locations away from the reach of the Canadian government."
A Major Backfire - Is the Canadian Financial and Banking System in Serious Trouble as a Result of Their Attack on Private Bank Accounts? - The Last Refuge
In my other Doves letter, "WEF - Connecting The Dots", I wrote about Canada's Finance Minister and WEF Board of Trustee member - Chrystia Freeland - in this video you can see "...a very twitch, nervous, and gasping for breath Freeland was noted in a very agitated state when she attended the press conference with her boss.  Factually you can watch the video and see how stressed she was and incapable of keeping herself stable."  I would call her giddy with power. 
Freeland says some protesters' bank accounts frozen - YouTube
It's becoming more and more obvious to the public that Trudeau is just a puppet (like Biden). And one person is putting words in Trudeau's mouth - Chrystia Freeland.  She's the WEF trustee.  "Watch a few seconds of this video from Trudeau's statements about Ukraine yesterday and pay attention to the mannerisms of Freeland as the Canadian Prime Minister reads his prepared remarks.  Watch her closely and what you will notice is that Freeland wrote the remarks.  She is visibly saying them in her head while physically mirroring the exact cadence Trudeau uses as he delivers her script.  Watch the video at the following link.
It's easy to see how Canada's PM is the puppet of the WEF.  What Canada did was a frightening display of total government control of the people's personal bank accounts, insurance, loans, 401Ks, etc.  Even the Canadian Senate didn't like what Trudeau and his WEF cronies in government did to the people.  And the RCMP showed themselves to be equivalent the the FBI brownshirts in America.
But when it comes to Americans, I sincerely wonder which side our Senate would be on if this happened in the U.S.....we may soon find out.  And Biden just extended our covid national emergency act - even though Covid is on the decline in the U.S.  Republicans are looking at this as a way for Biden to cheat again at the elections - "unsolicited mail in ballots for upcoming midterm elections" - and to keep a strangle hold on liberal covid policies still being enforced in hospitals, clinics, businesses across the country.  And of course "Pelosi is monitoring the convoy"...I'm sure she's got some dirty plan she'll put into action.
After all, our Senate fell for the Democrat theatrics during the January 6 protest that ended up being called an 'insurrection' an attempt to overthrow the government and stop democracy and yada, yada, yada.  And absolutely nothing was done about the murder of Ashli.  And a Capitol Police officer was celebrated by Pelosi and her cronies as a "hero" - killed fighting off the insurrectionists - when he actually died of 'natural causes' the day after January 6.  These theatrics of Pelosi and her cronies should frighten every true patriotic American.  This is what our own government elected officials are capable of...and much, much more!!
And now, our own truck convoy is on it's way to D.C. now.
No doubt, Pelosi will have her hands all over the response to this protest too.
"Up to 800 National Guard troops are expected to be deployed ahead of President Joe Biden's State of the Union address, amid fears over the protest convoy of truckers heading to Washington D.C. for the event." Trucker convoy DC - live: National guard readies for Biden SOTU as just one big-rig in first protest
The speech is on March 1.  THEY will put up fencing and barbed wire around the Capitol.  "Days off have been limited for officers and construction on the giant fence around the entire U.S. Capitol complex".  The "Freedom Convoy" truck protest is "expected to roll into the nation's capital ahead of President Joe Biden's State of the Union address next week.  The DC Metropolitan Police Department has begun mobilizing 500 officers into Civil Disturbance Units to put in place as of Wednesday...."
The "Freedom Convoy" is protesting Biden's vaccine mandates, skyrocketing fuel prices and loose immigration policies..."   They are planning for a peaceful protest.  They know what can happen if it is not.
Fence Going Up Around U.S. Capitol To Prepare For Convoy To Washington D.C. - The Police Tribune
These are all top items to be protesting, but this will probably go south for the truckers and protesters - no matter how peaceful.  I'm sure the evil Democrats/RINOs in power will have already schemed up some nasty trap for these they did for the January 6 protest.  They'll have their token, paid instigators, troublemakers, Capitol Police, FBI undercover agents to high jack the protest and give the Democrats something to scream "insurrection" about.  They'll resort to force, bloodshed, and violence and blame the protesters.  And the MSM will have the videos already lined up - probably of BLM protests in 2020 - to misidentify as convoy protesters.  The lies will be endless.  The news coverage will be damning. They are lying in a spider in a web.  They probably even have their 'outrage' speeches prepared like they did for January fact, they may use the same speeches, just change a few words and the date.  We know the drill.
Do the truckers?  Do the protesters?  Thinking they are using their constitutional rights.  That they have good cause.  They have the good of the country in mind.  They are hopeful their voices will be heard.  Surely they know what lies in wait???
"The United States Capitol Police and the United States Secret Service have been closely working together to plan for the upcoming State of the Union....the Pentagon will approve the deployment of up to 800 National Guardsmen from D.C. and three surrounding states to help set up police state checkpoints and road blocks to keep the peaceful Freedom Convoy truckers away from the Capitol."
You Wonít Believe What Order Brain-Dead Biden Gave the Military About the Freedom Convoy | A Freedom Convoy of truckers is on the way to Washington, D.C. All hell is about to break loose in the capital. And you wonít believe what order Brain-Dead Biden gave the military about the Freedom Convoy. Democrats in Washington are preparing to declare war on Freedom Convoy protestors headed to D.C. Literally. Truckers are
Remember it was Biden who called Trudeau and told him to shut down the Canadian truckers using federal force.  We expect nothing less from Biden and his tyrannical socialist government.
Just like the Canadian convoy was slammed for being an "attempt to kill democracy".."support a decidedly anti-government discourse reminiscent of far-right ideology in the United States."  (exactly how was peacefully protesting mandatory vaccines for truckers to cross the border anti-government?)  "The truckers are endorsed largely by leading U.S. Republicans such as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marjorie Taylor Greene...and power anti-democratic social media figures such as Tucker Carlson, Jordan Peterson and Elon Musk and an array of white supremacist groups."
Convoy Movement Isnít a Struggle Over Freedom, Itís an Attempt to Kill Democracy
Yah, right.  Whatever.  THEY are so out of touch with the people. 
The people are sick of masks and mandates.  Americans are sick of Biden's socialist agenda, the Great Reset of open borders with out of control immigration, shutting down our energy independence, inflating our gasoline prices, cutting off our supply chains, inflating our food prices, the endless spending of money on social programs to people who are here illegally in this country, forcing us to take injections against our will, the stealing of our money to pay for their planned "plandemic" to destroy our economy and push the middle class into poverty, an administration that ignores our Constitution, and our laws, a DOJ that only serves the tyrannts in the White House, and an FBI that serves as their brownshirts.......
The United States is in a fight for her very survival.  All hell may be about to break out in this country, starting in D.C. on March 1.  The whole world will be watching as Biden's government slams down any Americans who speak out against the 'chosen' narrative.  The Great Reset.  Biden's tyranny.
God help us.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!