Chance (20 Feb 2022)
"Our Future and the Covid-19 'Vaccine' - Project Veritas Undercover"

Hello John and Doves,
Project Veritas has done an outstanding job in exposing the plans of those who have taken over our government concerning the Covid 'vaccine'. 
In early February they published a two part series on the FDA.  And this has exposed the corruption in the FDA (and our own government) and the corruption that has and is going on with the Covid-19 'vaccines'.   
I had read news articles about Biden contemplating making an annual Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for all Americans.  Looks like he's not 'contemplating' this - it looks like it will happen.  Forced vaccinations for all Americans.
In this two part interview presented by PV, we have an FDA Executive Officer revealing the future "Covid Policy:  'Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible'."  He will mandate this.
This FDA Officer is Christopher Cole - he is the executive officer of the FDA's Medical Countermeasures Initiative, MCMi.  He has been with the FDA for over 22 years.  He said he is on the panel that approves vaccines.  And that "his agency oversees vaccines" and "his office clears all of the emergency approvals (EUA)"
Cole said that the FDA will approve the Covid 'vaccine' for EUA for 6 month old to 4 years old.  So no matter what the clinical trials actually show....  THIS WILL BE APPROVED.
I reported in a Doves letter about Pfizer holding off on EUA approval because the two shots weren't giving them the 'reported' results that they they are adding the booster into their study before requesting approval.
Pfizer Postpones Vax for 0-5, Pulls FDA Request, Will Test 3-Dose
Cole said that we will have to get an annual shot...that it hasn't been 'formally' announced yet.  He says we WILL HAVE to get an annual vaccine.  That's the plan.
You can listen to this interview, Part 1 at the above PV link.  run time 6:32
He said on an undercover VP camera that "You'll have to get an annual shot.  I mean, it hasn't been formally announced yet 'cause they don't want to, like, rile everyone up.'  He said that Biden wants "to inoculate as many people as possible" and that the Covid vaccine for toddlers  (children 6 months to 4 years old) will be approved for Emergency Use Authorization.  These annual injections will provide Pfizer with a "recurring fountain of revenue".
He went on to say that, "The drug companies, the food companies, the vaccine companies:  they pay us hundreds of millions of dollars a year to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their products."  
Cole, "In addition to pointing out the obviously corrupt relationship between the government and Big Pharma numerous instances, states that there isn't enough known about the vaccines.  He points out that there isn't enough evidence to provide parents with information regarding the long-term effects the vaccines may have on their children, and he says there's no good study to see what it does to pregnant women, either." 
Undercover Video Catches FDA Official Exposing Truth Behind Biden Admin, Emergency Vax Approval | In a new video dropped by the premier undercover journalism organization Project Veritas, Christopher Cole, an executive officer at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), explains the Biden Administration’s plan to have every American jabbed EACH YEAR, saying it will be announced soon enough. What’s more, the mandated annual jab isn’t going to be forced
And here is Part 2 of this interview at the below link:
 run time 7:39
Congress approved "user fees" - fees that drug companies, vaccine companies, food companies pay the FDA to review their products...the FDA hires more reviewers for these companies which speeds up the approval process...this makes money for the FDA and these companies.  These companies pay the FDA hundreds of millions of dollars a year to "approve" their products.  He doesn't say the FDA disapproves of these products - they are paid to approve these products.  He said the FDA's budget is 5.5 BILLION a year.  And "almost a billion dollars a year going into the FDA's budget from the people we regulate."  The FDA depends on these drug companies/vaccine companies to pay these fees for their agency (FDA) to operate.
Cole talked about "If the data isn't there (after approval) this bites the reviewer in the ass.  Or they (FDA reviewers) all approve it, and then like there's adverse reactions, which we'd have to pull it off the market.
(The Covid-19 mRNA vaccine has caused deaths, adverse reactions - at shocking numbers - and yet, the FDA has NOT pulled it off the market.)
Cole talks about 'whistleblowers' - these people are not encouraged to speak out, in fact they are "marked" and will not get other jobs.  "..they don't like people rocking the boat, for right or wrong, at all costs."   He goes on an says "the additional money the FDA brings in "gets banked" to be spent on "whatever you can, whether it's right or wrong," and Cole discusses "reasons why it's difficult for anyone in government to speak out about practices he sees as "probably excessive"."  "It's better just stay quiet and accept."
I wonder how much Pfizer paid in "user" fees to get their Covid-19 vaccine approved.  They were the first approved. These FDA reviewers "turned a blind eye" to the data Pfizer (and the other manufacturers) presented and approved these for EUA.  And now the FDA and Pfizer do not want their clinical trials data - all of the EUA request paperwork - released to the public.  Which it should have been on Day 1 of approval.  FDA wanted it released over some 75 year period when they had to respond to a FOIA request.  
The first 500 pages released (per the FOIA request/judge order) showed that over 1,000 people died with over 150,000 adverse reactions reported...yet, we were told by the FDA and Pfizer that no one died during the vaccine testing.  The FDA was planning on releasing this 500 pages a month of some 75 years.
A federal judge has told the FDA that this paperwork has to all be released by October, 2022.  The DOJ represented the FDA in this case to prevent the release of these papers.  The DOJ DID THIS TOO.  The FDA said they only have "10 employees and is already saddled with about 400 outstanding bids for information" in the branch that would process these papers. 
FDA must hit the gas on FOIA request tied to Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, judge orders | FiercePharma
Well, maybe the FDA should take some of that hundreds of millions of "banked money" they get every year to hire some more people "in that branch"!
The FDA and Pfizer definitely don't want this information being made public.  I shudder to think what they are hiding from the American people.  March is suppose to be the first drop of some 80,000 pages on the vaccine.
Hopefully this information will put a stop to this poison THEY are injecting in people.
Pray for the peace of Jersualem!