1 Cor 10:31 (27 Feb 2022)
"Guess what?  the rapture is STILL Pre-Trib!!!  Pre.... pre.... P R E!!!!!!!!!"

By 1 Cor 10:31

Most of this is credited to my own Bible-teacher “mentor”, Paul, who is now in heaven.  He absolutely loved studying and sharing God’s Word and Biblical doctrine. And it’s all IN THE BIBLE, any of us with access can look it up.  And since it’s in the Bible, we CAN TAKE IT THE BANK!!!!!

  • Jesus promised to come and receive us to Himself John 14:3


  • It is the blessed hope and glorious appearing of Jesus Christ  Titus 2:13


  • Christ appearing is distinguished from his Kingdom the second coming  2 Timothy 4:1


  • Those who love his appearing are expecting that crown of righteousness 2 Timothy 4:8


  • The church being the righteousness of God in Christ 2 Corinthians 5:21


  • This time in history we are called Christians the rapture is in association with the raising of the dead in Christ 1 Thess. 4:16


  • Where the believers go up to meet the Lord in the air 1 Thess 4:17


  • At the end of the seventy 70th week when Christ comes to earth he comes with his Saints Zech 14:5 obviously they had to go be with Christ prior to that event of coming back, didn't they?


  • The lawless one 2 Thessalonians 2:8 who seems to coincide to be the one who also confirms the covenant Daniel 9:27 which begins the seven year period of time is not unveiled until the one who is restraining arises from out of the midst and then the lawless one will be unveiled 2 Thess 2:7-8


  • The one who restrains the same Spirit of God who strives with man Genesis 6:3   If the Spirit the One who restrains arises from out of the midst 2 Thessalonians 2:7 the church must arise with Him.


  • If the Holy Spirit left without the church the church would cease to be the church by definition because if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ he is not His Romans 8:9


  • In other words if such a thing were possible which Romans 8:35 -39 said is it is not; so if the Holy Spirit left without the church the church would cease to be saved and such a scenario is simply not in the nature of God. 
  • Jesus promised to not leave us as orphans John 14:18
  • Our birth is from above John 3:3 …. is from the Holy Spirit John 3:8 it is the very nature of salvation.
  • To be lost as to be without the Holy Spirit to be saved as to receive the Holy Spirit Acts 2:38
  • The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of our salvation, the earnest which is promised by which we are sealed Ephesians 1:13-14.
  • The church comes out of the world along with the Holy Spirit because we are one with him John 17 as such what is commonly called the pre trip rapture doctrine defines the Church of Jesus Christ if it is not pre-Trib it is not Christ’s Church by definition.




The Lord knows my heart & knows I will not purposely add to His Word.  Merely want us to look at and consider some COMMON SENSE (although for any Christian even ONE Scripture should be enough, and yet here we are presented with not one, but several!!)

God is a GOD OF ORDER, not confusion.


So think about this:  REALLY??  END of Tribulation (when very few will even still be alive…. So beat up, tortured & starving… much less anticipating an ESCAPE out of here!)  So REALLY?  We “then” get raptured to meet Jesus IN THE AIR – only to do 180 turn around & come IMMEDIATELY right back down to earth??   Uh, where do we get our white horses to return??   Some GREAT CONFUSION that would be – all of us trampling over each other in the air – not even as much as getting to say “hi” to the Lord!!!




When a ton of people are going to get SAVED ~IN~ the Tribulation – well, HELLO!!!!   Do you see that happening NOW???   Some yes, hopefully many.  BUT…. It’s not so many we cannot count!!!!!  [Ref: Revelation 7:9]


Mr. AntiChrist isn’t gonna’ just pop on the scene & say, “Hi!  I’m your new world leader!  Now you will take this vaccine created under my watch – after all it’s a GOOD vaccine!!  It does not harm anyone!  (liar, liar, pants to soon be on fire!!)  In fact, it should be named after me.  So now listen up folks TAKE IT – or go to that line over there & get your neck sawn in half!!”


Folks>>  this WILL happen….. but not exactly like that!!   NOPE, it’s just like Neil here at Doves says – all this vax business is CONDITIONING the world to ACCEPT the mark of the beast.   WHY??  Because they so desperately want their lives back AS THEY WERE!!!!!  Buying ~ selling ~ having fun!  Enjoying life!


Anyway, though I tend to botch up my explanations….. stick with Scripture!!!


~~  The rapture is Pre-Trib, it always has been, and it WILL BE!!!!!!  ~~