1 Cor 10:31 (27 Feb 2022)
"Pastor Riley's "Graduation" + medical info"

by 1 Cor 10:31

 Thank you Jim B. and Stacey H. for letting us know of Pastor F.M. Riley’s “graduation”!!

It didn’t sound good at all when, after returning home, he would not/could not eat or drink anything! 


Same thing happened to 2 others I personally knew, and (almost) same thing happened to me when I returned home after major surgery 3 years ago.  In my UN-professional – yet studied – opinion, I really think it  has to do with the super strong drugs – and ESPECIALLY the antibiotics they put people on – it totally strips body of all good bacteria plus it washes out needed minerals!!   My last full day in the hospital I could l literally FEEL my body devoid of needed minerals!! I nearly died that day.  Even my then-best friend (translation we’re no longer friends at all…. Thanks to the PLANNED demic by the satanists/globalists….)  at any rate, even she gave the (very bad) advice to stay on the antibiotics & detox from it later. 



My body, my choice!  I got up from that bed & messed with the IV so it could no longer pump those nasty poisonous chemicals into me!!  (probably the only thing that saved me!!)


I was again awake all night long – FINALLY dozing off at 3:45 a.m. when promptly 15” later, at 4 a.m. a BRIGHT LIGHT (no, not THAT bright light!)….  But from the hospital room door being swung open ~~ the lights are extremely glaring & bright out in the hall. 

“I’m here to take your blood,” the “vampire” nurse said.  I’d tried all week to be super pleasant with all staff members, but it was the first time I actually got a tad snippy with someone – I said, “Let’s NOT!!”  


“Well, I’ll just tell the Dr. then!”


“FINE!!  You tell that Dr.!!  And while you’re at it – tell him I REFUSE any more medications!!  And I’m leaving tomorrow whether they like it or not!!”   (Be careful doing this!  I’m a very stubborn & independent person who likes to call my own shots regarding my health & what is (or is not) put inside my body!!  But….. if they so desire, and especially if you don’t have anyone backing you up, a spouse or relative or close friend – and perhaps even if you do – if they take a mind to – they can wheel you down to psyche ward for pulling this stunt!!  No joke!  And then put you on MORE satanic medications!! Fortunately, they didn’t pull that on me. 


BUT just as I’d read – they did pull the “well do you want to have to pay for your OWN SURGERY then??”  In other words, trying to instill FEAR that some how your insurance does not have to pay if you choose to leave before you’re “officially released”.  Didn’t phase me; I had my heart set & I was going to LEAVE “whether they released me OR not.  Don’t want to release me?  Fine.  I was going to willfully walk right out that door.  It does happen! And a hospital security-guard friend tells us the only recourse the hospital has {at least “that” particular hospital in the States} is to tell you to NOT come back!  Ha!!  FINE BY ME!!!!


Honestly I don’t know the legalities whether insurance companies can refuse to pay “over this” or not.   I simply know I was not about to spend one more night in that miserable hospital!!!   FORGET SLEEP!!!!  They won’t EVER let you get good rest – and without good rest, a person cannot possibly get well!!!  It’s not like it “supposedly” was back in the early part of last century where doctors, nurses & hospitals claimed you needed rest more than anything else.  If anything I really thought sleep deprivation in itself would be what would “do me in”!!!  Once home, I slept & slept & slept & slept (making up for it!!)


At any rate, at my urging they did release me the next day (at the end of the day, but even so – I absolutely was going to leave with OR WITHOUT their release!!)   Of course I was given scripts to fill – 2 super high-powered antibiotics.  I had them filled “just in case I was being watched” – but I never took them!!  NEVER INTENDED TO!!!!   In fact, the cipro I dumped into my house plants b/c I’d read bad, BAD things about how that stuff cripples people ~~ sometimes only ONE pill!!  (it did kill the plants!)……


So over the next couple months, I was hardly hungry at all.  My husband and then-friend kept urging me to eat.  I ate “enough” to sustain my existence.  How can you possibly eat when you’re incredibly bloated [probably from meds still in your system] & food is the last thing on your mind? 


Rabbit trailing & didn’t intend to make this “about me”, but “just sayin’”  that this MAY be the very reason people will not and cannot eat when they return home from the hospital.



So Pastor Riley “beat us” to heaven!!  It will be a very short time span before his family & loved ones get to reunite with him!!


I meant to tell him through this site a few months back how -- out of all his articles-- I most loved one of his last ones about the angel in the woods “directing” his dogs back to his daughter’s house!  LOVED THAT!!!!


I’m sorry he didn’t get to make the rapture which he longed for and expected to go that way.  But to depart and BE WITH CHRIST is FAR BETTER!!




BTW, my personal disclaimer:  and this is just ME PERSONALLY!!!   I am “not against” ALL medications, some are needed at the time.  But I prefer whenever possible to go with ALL NATURAL….. as I believe the God Who made us can certainly heal us!!   Most everybody I’ve ever known who’s on long term medication (for instance blood pressure pills)  end up DYING ….. F R O M…… effects FROM the medications!!


Whenever I’ve heard of someone having a seizure or a stroke – I politely ask (without explaining why I’m asking) – “how long was (example your grandmother)  on blood pressure meds?”  ANSWER:  “Oh for a long time!”   They just NEVER make the connection!!!!  Seriously 9 out of every 10 people I’ve ever heard of (including my closest of family members)  who’ve had strokes WERE ON BP MEDS!!!!!


Now I’m not a doctor, no desire to be one, not playing one, and nothing I write is intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat ANYTHING!!!   But research & see for yourself – for instance if you are already taking BP pills & want off – it’s EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to stop cold turkey!!!!!  Some meds are so serious that they must be weaned off CAREFULLY & SLOWLY – preferably under a naturopath’s or holistic doctor’s [or health coach’s] supervision.  Stopping cold turkey can definitely result in a hospital visit!!  

Yes, BP “can” be treated naturally.  But I best end there.  And allow you to research on your own.  (BTW, doctors hate it when we use our own brains!)


Again I personally am not against ALL meds – but if the patient is in sound mind, IT SHOULD BE UP TO THE PATIENT TO DECIDE WHAT GOES IN HIS/HER OWN BODY!!!!   Not by “taking orders” from the Doctor ~OR~ government!!


INFORMATION ONLY:  Pharmakeia Deception (pathwaytopeace.net)   And do not DARE go down the path of Seventh Day Adventist!!!!!   Very false doctrine.   Some are saved – yes, true, but IN SPITE of what they are taught, not because of it!!  If you start believing what they believe, you will soon no longer believe in the rapture + you’ll start believing in “soul sleep” and that there is no such thing as torturous (forever) hell.

One more [only about medication & the “evils” of it]:   Pharmakeia's god Of Ekron (pathwaytopeace.net)


If I ever HAD to be in the hospital again – this is JUST ME and my own personal (stubborn) thoughts:   I would simply REFUSE any blood transfusions!!  Esp. in TODAY’S CLIMATE!!!!   Covid VACCINES loaded with graphene oxide….. need I say more?


Sorry for my jumbled up rumbling thoughts here when this was originally intended to be cheering on Pastor Riley.   May we also soon be in heaven with our Lord!!!!!  Preferably by way of the super loud trumpet & shout to:  “come up Here!”


Amen & Maranatha!!